Spelljammer Why Play Spelljammer Over a Regular Pirate Campaign?

Prince Atom

At this point, I feel like we have answered the original question many times over.

I note that OP does not seem to be asking this question about Dragonlance, which got announced at the same time as Spelljammer. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to it yet. They did go "meh" about the Radiant Citadel book, I see.

Anyway, if you don't want to play Spelljammer, it's your loss, buddy. I'm going to go fire up the hammership and descend on an unsuspecting settlement from above for loot and plunder. Laters.

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As I stated before, your singular planet with hundreds
most likely less then a dozen.... aldaren the city state, moncalamari the island chain, cloud city the floating city, degaba the swamp endor the forest tantoiian the dessert hoth the cold montains of snow... I know I am forgetting something... less then 10...
of world emulating kingdoms still is a singular planet which a spelljamming campaign explicitly allows for leaving and never returning to.
except it is showing that if you look at just the flavor you can MAKE the mechanics fit... so that is starwars without spelljamming

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