D&D (2024) Wild shape? Was the 3.5e PHB2, Shapeshift variant the best wild shape to date?


I like how Pathfinder 2 does wild shape (as well as polymorph magic in general). Wild Shape references a series of spells beginning with Animal Form, which let you transform into an animal. However, the stats you get are set by the spell itself, not by what animal it is, though the spell has a number of options for which animal categories are OK (Ape, Bear, Bull, Canine, Cat, Deer, Frog, Shark, Snake), and these determine your movement speed and what natural attacks you get.

At higher levels you can use upcast versions of Animal Form to become stronger variants of the same animals, and you can also use class feats (selectable class abilities) to expand into different types of forms entirely: (giant) Insects, dinosaurs, birds, elementals, plants, dragons, monstrosities, and eventually kaiju.

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