Will the end of Game of Thrones keep you away from House of Dragons?


What do you mean? Supernatural ran for five seasons and wrapped things up in an epic if tragic finale. It was a beautiful example of how to stick the landing for a multi-year story arc.

I heard something about a fanfic version that tried to continue the story after season 5, but I can't imagine that went anywhere.
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Whizbang Dustyboots

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Yep, this is about where I am. If I hear it's really good, I'll check it out. But I'm not tuned in to it the way I am with, say, "Rings of Power."
I am shocked at how interested I am in Rings of Power, considering I find in-depth Lord of the Rings lore prior to the Third Age to very much be not my thing.

And while I am not quite where others are on the violence in GRRM's stories, I may be getting there. I've been exposed to a lot of it in real life in the last 10 years and recent events (not happening to me) have shown that all of this is adding up, mental health-wise.

I've no idea yet what I'll do. It's hard to maintain enthusiasm after, what 11 years and counting? And in a world with dragons, undead, and magic, the excuse that "history was misogynistic" run increasingly thin for all the violence against women. And I've grown away from doorstopper fantasies. I don't want to spend a 3-4 weeks reading a single book.

But I was also a big fan of the series when I first started reading it over two decades ago.

I doubt I'll read another book, if he writes one. I just don't need the violence descriptions anymore. I've gotten to the point where more than a few people I know were at years ago, I guess.

I suppose it makes sense that he'd procrastinate about other things, too. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been for Green Ronin to deal with that.

Green Ronin dropped the rpg for the same reason. George insisted on reviewing all material personally. GR would give him the drafts and says they needed it back within 6 months to make their production queue. Six months later they'd call George only to find out that he hadn't looked at it at all. Eventually, they just said, "Screw it", dropped the license and re-released the rpg with the GoT serial numbers filed off.

Personally, I think doing a prequel was the right idea. We already know how the world ends up so there's less chance of George's "quirks" derailing 7 years of production.


I'll be watching House of Dragons tonight (although in my head, I will call it "Game of Dragons" until I die).

My wife and I watched Game of Thrones from almost the beginning (I think we caught up about half a season in) and watched it all the way to the bitter end, which we both felt really suffered in the writing department, especially structurally. (You can't stay subtle with "this girl might actually be a brutal dictator, even if she's mostly been brutal to bad folks so far" as you approach the endgame and the final coronation scene needed a lot more work shopping.)

But I think the new series looks good and am willing to give at least the first episode a go. (And the reviews for it are pretty good, which helps.)

My wife will NOT be watching the new show and would like very much for me to be elsewhere in the house when I watch it.

How about you? If you felt burned by the end of GoT, is that keeping you away from HoD? (I will not be calling it "Hot D," no matter how many times GRRM refers to it that way. That feels needlessly horny, even for Westeros.)
i won't be watching it because it'll just be another few years of one easily preventable disaster after another. It was entertaining at first but now GOT is just a chore i choose not to do.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
i won't be watching it because it'll just be another few years of one easily preventable disaster after another. It was entertaining at first but now GOT is just a chore i choose not to do.
So far, it looks like Westeros history would be very different if someone just listened to an estate planning attorney and made some changes to succession law.


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