Will you bee seing Doom?


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Based on what I've seen, your opinions are somewhat misinformed; the plot for the movie seems to follow the games' plot much more closely than was previously rumored.
I'm basing my opinions on what I saw in the trailer just last night (Serenity). It seems to be the same trailer I've seen for weeks. If I'm misinformed, it's because of the movie trailers. I've read no rumors. I only know what the trailer has shown/told me. And it shows/tells me what I said above.


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In the first Doom, you were sent to investigate a base on Mars (well, Phobos) along with some other Marines. You stayed outside and secured the perimeter while the others went inside (and they get killed, so you go in)

The the third Doom, you were a survivor (though you recently got there, sorta like Half-Life) after all hell breaks loose.

The first is the tack the movie seems to take.

Captain Tagon

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It's weird, but everyone keeps mentioning how the Serentiy crowds booed the trailer, especially the FPS parts. When I saw Serenity a lot of people were really into the trailer, ESPECIALLY the FPS parts.

Oh the mighty subjectiveness of art.


The plot tecnowraith posted sounds much better... but the trailer I've seen doesn't support it at all. I don't know.

Blue Sky

KaosDevice said:
I think I am going to split the difference and check it out at the $1.50 theater. Mildly curious but not enough to pay full price for a rental or a ticket to a first run theater. ;)
There's a 1.50 theater in Topeka? Sweet! I've been bumming ever since the one here in Larry closed down. Where is it at?

Oh, and just to remain on topic, uh, yeah, I'll probably see it in the theater. I'm ticked that Rock killed WWE by leaving, but not enough to not support him in the movies. Plus, blowing s*** up is always a good movie idea.

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