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D&D 4E Will you buy 4e?

If D&D 4e comes out in 2008 or 2009 will you buy it?

  • Yes, Core Books and Supplements

    Votes: 56 18.4%
  • Yes, Core Books, Maybe Supplements

    Votes: 37 12.2%
  • Yes, Core Books Only

    Votes: 10 3.3%
  • Maybe, Core Books, Maybe Supplements

    Votes: 45 14.8%
  • Maybe, Core Books Only

    Votes: 35 11.5%
  • No, but I'd use a 4e SRD.

    Votes: 11 3.6%
  • No.

    Votes: 63 20.7%
  • Other/Don't Know

    Votes: 47 15.5%

  • Total voters


First Post
Charwoman Gene said:
Short and sweet folks, If 4e Came out in 2008 or 2009 will you buy it?
Would you buy supplements and splats?

Nope. I have no need nor desire for 4th ed. I am perfectly happy with 3.5 and see no need to upgrade this that soon.

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First Post
It depends on a lot of variables. I may jump right in, like I did for 3.5, or I might hold off for a while.


Hey all! :)

Interesting poll. If we assume that a 'maybe' is a 50/50 chance then it currently looks like:

50% of people here will buy the Core Rulebooks
33% of people here will buy the Supplements...which I presume means 1 or more supplements not necessarily all of them.


"Maybe" was my best answer. I have no interest in migrating rulesets again, but I could be persuaded by the right set. I pretty much want 95%+ compatibility or a wholesale update that fixes a lot of things. The former would allow me to continue to use things like the Adventure Paths, Tome of Magic, etc. The latter could bring the game more in line with the feel I want.

Odds are, though, that I'm not going to switch -- at least not for a while. There's just too much stuff I can do with 3E still. If I abandon 3E, it'll probably either be for Fantasy Hero (which is starting to look less complex and more customizable than d20) or World of Darkness (as some of my players have been interested in trying the nWoD for a while).


First Post
We (our group) will finish the current adventure path in 3.5 at the time 4E comes out.
Then we will certainly move massively to 4E.
(Ist's always nice to see improvement, and I'm sure there are good designers up to the job.)

Raven Crowking

First Post
As I have substantially re-written much of 3e to my preferences, 4e would have to be really, really good for me to change again.

But, as they say, "Never say never."


Upper_Krust said:
Hey all! :)

Interesting poll. If we assume that a 'maybe' is a 50/50 chance then it currently looks like:

50% of people here will buy the Core Rulebooks
33% of people here will buy the Supplements...which I presume means 1 or more supplements not necessarily all of them.

And reality will favor a new edition more than people admit (or even really think).


First Post
Voted don't know.

Looking a lot more at GURPS, Hero, BESM 3rd ed and some other systems.

The automatic escalation of levels and limits of abilities and breaking up character generation into many different pools is aggreviating. Random hit points, inconsistant rules and other factors continue to pop up and minimize my enjoyment of the game. Splat books continue to come out aimed at helping people into the game, but do little for me personally as the game mechanics I'm interested in are crouched in bad fiction and overpowered nonsense.

I'm at a point where I think I'm (once again), more comfrotable with point buy systems and non-escalating abilities automatically and trusting my own abilities to GM by KNOWING the game system as opposed to the company spoon feeding me CR, ECL, and other things which are nonsense as each game is going to be unique based on the particulars of that campaign.


I'm a maybe/yes.

Maybe I'll buy it. I don't know what "it" is yet, so I can't say for sure. Timing matters; when 3E was on the horizon, I don't think my group had played 2E in over a year (maybe they had- college meant I was only there for summer and winter break, and when I was, we always seemed to be playing Shadowrun, a game I was also getting sick of). Skills&Powers gave a little more life to the game, but interest was waning. Learning of 3E was a godsend- something fresh, new, clean, exciting.

Now, I've got three active campaigns in various states, I'm planning my own "adventure path", and I've got ideas to reset my Game of Thrones and Iron Heroes games. I want to do something with Black Company, I want to run a War of the Lance-era Dragonlance game, maybe a 3E Dark Sun game, and I've got Rokugan and Arcana Evolved books just waiting for an idea. If Seattle blew up tomorrow and we'd never have anything more for D&D, I'm set for years to come. So, 4E needs to be something very good, an improvement over what I have now, preferably without disrupting things too much.

I'll almost certainly buy it at some point (unless it's crap, like, say, the wags who bring up collectible rules turn out to be right), but I'm not sure I'd buy it in 2008 or 2009. So, that's the the maybe part. But, if I buy it, I will almost certainly buy supplements, because that's the kind of guy I am. So, that's the yes.


First Post
No, no purchase for me.

As I'm getting older, I realize that 3.5 will be the last edition for me (and my players have made clear that it's certainly the last for them). My purchasing has steadily decreased (I only buy adventures these days), and I have many other different competing purchases that I'll probably make instead.

This will certainly be the case by 2009.


Hey ByronD! :)

BryonD said:
And reality will favor a new edition more than people admit (or even really think).

Normally I would agree with that notion, however, three things give me pause.

1. 3/3.5 already has explored every 'main' area, so 4E surprises will be few and far between and I don't see a lot of people paying for the same material.
2. I think 4E is coming way too soon (assuming a pre 2010 launch).
3. I think the quality jump from 3.5 to 4E won't be as pronounced as the jump from 2 to 3.


First Post
I would treat it the same as any other RPG - I would buy the core book and setting-neutral supplements if I liked the system, the setting-specific supplements if I liked the settings. The fact that it would be the latest edition of D&D wouldn't affect my interest one way or the other, nor would the time between it and the previous edition.
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First Post
What happened to "Maybe, but only supplements and/or adventures if so" or something along those lines. . .?

Not that that is necessarily how I would vote. Nonetheless, I feel cheated of valid options and shall therefore sulk.

Good day.


First Post
Nyeshet said:
Considering how mini heavy it is all but certain to be, are we really sure that 4e will not be a board game? :uhoh: :eek: :\ :p :lol:
If it was, then I'd certainly buy it. It'd actually be something I'd likely have time to play!!! :p


serves Gnome Master
Eventually my backlog of 3e Dungeon adventures I want to run will diminish to the point that I will switch.

This will probably be about two years after it is released. With luck, that will mean printings with errata included.

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