Winter Ceramic DM™: THE WINNER!


Winter Ceramic DM™: THE WINNER!

We'll be needing eight people (six contestants, two alternates) interested in trying their hand. If Iron DM is like sumo wrestling, Ceramic DM is like sumo wrestling involving ballet dancers with floating rose petals and slow Cantonese pop in the background. Or something like that.

To quote alsih2o, Our Venerable Leader, on The Rules:
treat the illustrations as if they were the illustrations for your story

length- not an issue, but i have the attention span of a mayfly, so a novella will get chucked

once it is posted, no editing

the illu's will be numbered , please indicate by number where they belong in your story.

72 hours form the post of the illu's for you to post your story. times will be using the timestamp on your posts, no credit for turning anything in early, disqualified for 1 minute or more late (c'mon, you have 72 hours!!)

an adventure is acceptable, as is a story, but applicability to the d20 3e genre is the rule

Entries will open, oh, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Judges are myself, arwink and Maldur.
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OK, I wanna give it a try. I will try to juggle my work schedule so it doesn't interfere. Damn, sleep would probably be good to get ahead of time too.

Were Sialia and alsih2o jumping in this too?

I'm looking forward to it. :D


Why do you need 6?

Anyway, I'd like to do it, but I'd probably suck :)
I'd better just sit around and make comments from the peanut gallery :D


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o.k., i had to get that bit of shatner out of me.

i am not much of a writer, but i will gladly serve as first round fodder :)


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I'd like to give it a shot...and with the way things are running at work right now, I should have the time, no problem.



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guedo79 said:
I'll give it a try. I'm not the best writer in the world but you have to start somewhere.

come guedo, drown with me in great glory!

for the greater good! well, you know, mostly for self improvement. but that is harder to say and sound glorious.

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