Winter IrondDM (Winner)!


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Hello Folks,

As promised, this quarter's IronDM is now open for participants!

The rules for this contest, for those not familiar (and how could you not be?) are here:

If anyone would like a very small amount of insight as to what I like in a submission:

In short: use of the ingredients, plausability (in DnD terms), playabilty, writing, and of course, that certain je ne sais pas...

Quickbeam, as winner of the Holiday Iron DM, has been guaranteed a slot
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I know that you've reserved a spot for me in this tournament, but I wanted to indicate my awareness of this thread.

For my part Incognito, I'm really swamped through lunchtime tomorrow, but then my schedule eases up considerably. Please place me in a match that doesn't commence before then (if possible) once you've determined the combatants and pairings.


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I'm available today or Wednesday, but not on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Exposition: An after-the-fact analysis of your own entry, with commentary on how you built it, where you drew inspiration, what you agreed/disagreed with regarding the judge's critique, and anything else you feel up to sharing.


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seasong shoudl get a special award for fastest reply to a new post...ever.

3 slots + 3 alternates left. I am hoping for a Wulf appearance, as well as an appearance by Nemmerle!

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