D&D General Wizards of the Coast releases Three-Dragon Ante and Rob Kuntz's To the City of Brass for free on DriveThruRPG


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I only recently noticed that WotC, with very little fanfare, released free PDFs of Three-Dragon Ante and Rob Kuntz's To the City of Brass on DriveThruRPG back at the end of November.

For those who haven't heard of those, here are the sales blurbs for Three-Dragon Ante...

A Barbarian, a Wizard, and a Cleric Walk into a Tavern . . .
. . . to gather a little information, plan their next dungeon foray-and kick back with a game of THREE-DRAGON ANTE. Crack open this PDF and experience the high-stakes game of chance preferred by DUNGEONS & DRAGONS' characters of all classes and levels.
Play THREE-DRAGON ANTE as a standalone card game when you don't have time for a full-fledged D&D® adventure. Or play it as part of your roleplaying campaign-where your character's abilities can give you a unique winning edge!
THREE DRAGON ANTE is a fast-paced non-collectable card game for two-six players. To play, you'll need chips, coins, or some other way represent each player's hoard of 50 gold pieces.
This PDF Contains 72 cards and the rulebook.

...and To the City of Brass:

This module was created by Robert Kuntz (one of the original founders of D&D), and was to be published by his company, Creations Unlimited (who previously published Garden of the Plantmaster and the four modules in the Zayene series). The company unfortunately went out of business, and the planned series of RPGA modules based on the City of Brass never saw the light of day. Kuntz released this first module to the Internet some years ago, where it has been floating ever since. It is freely distributable, provided it is kept intact and in its entirety.

Hopefully they'll remain available for a while, but grab them now just to be on the safe side!

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Arent Necromantic Games and Frog God Games two sides of the sameish coin? If so then technically the City of Brass book from the frogs is technically your To the City of Brass revival in a way.

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