WOIN WOIN Slimline character sheet v3 for WOIN v1.2 (Googlesheets)


Here's another update to my Google sheets based character sheet/help sheet. Now updated for WOIN v1.2. All page references are for NEW 1.2 but the sheet is compatible with NEW, NOW and OLD.

A lot of calculations are done for you and its left open enough to do what you want with the rest.
Magic, Chi and Psionics are referred to as Power (POW).

Auto calculations:

  • Character description (the career descriptor is the lowest career you input in the careers list)
  • Attribute Dicepools (use the Bonuses column to increase the rank eg. when you go up a grade)
  • Skill dicepools (use the Bonuses column to increase the rank eg. when you go up a grade)
  • Race selection, now covers NEW, NOW and OLD.
  • Racial attribute bonuses at character creation
  • All movement modes
  • "Swimming", "Climbing", "Carry", "Tactics", "Running", "Reactions" and "Perception" should be entered into the Skill column as written here (case doesn't matter) and they'll automatically adjust the relevant derived skills
  • Trait (derived from your chosen highest or lowest attribute)
  • Your grade (derived from your career ranks) and Max Dice Pool
  • Age
  • Total cash (GP + SP/Creds or whatever)
I've added various tables to the right of the sheet for ease of use.

Dark brown fields are uneditable.

Hide columns A to C once you have created your character.

Log into google and click on file > Make a copy to get started, you can't do anything until you make a copy.