World Cup Thread?

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I am the mysterious professor.
It’s weird. I wonder if millions of people in Iran were sitting in crowded pubs shouting at the game?
Mosques maybe. Not sure there are too many pubs in Iran.

Looking at those pasty white faces from Wales, one wonders how many of them will look as red as their jerseys by the end of the match.

I don't really follow the round ball game, but I'm happy to get a case of World Cup fever once every 4 years.
Very little chance of making it through the group stage for Australia, though.

I thought it was all going to be in the middle of the night over here, but games are 9pm, midnight, 3am and 6am, so depending on whether you like to stay up late or get up early it's not too hard to catch a couple of games per day.

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6-1, 10 minutes eaten time. Can Iran score 6 goals in 10 minutes?
I've just been speaking to someone from Iran, and he said "the whole country" cheered and danced at this result, since it is a government-backed team.

Not what I was expecting.

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