WotC WotC Adds 'Partnered Content' to DnDBeyond--Starting With Critical Role's Tal’dorei Campaign Setting


One of the promises Wizards of the Coast made in the aftermath of the Open Gaming License 'crisis' back in January was that D&D Beyond would eventually have some kind of third party marketplace. Up until now, only official D&D books from WotC have been available there.

Now, however, there is a section of 'partnered content' -- six titles, including three Critical Role sourcebooks, as well as some older licensed items like the Rick & Morty boxed set and the Minecraft monster tie-in. The latter were already on DDB, but the 'Partnered Content' home for them is new, as is the Tal-'dorei Campaign Setting.

As of now you can pick up Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Call of the Netherdeep, and the Tal'dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 5.06.04 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 5.08.54 PM.png

While this 'partnered content' is a long way yet from the third-party marketplace mentioned earlier this year (which is likely a a couple of years away), it is notable that third party content is now appearing on the site.
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2. Crucial: Content sharing, so that my players can access whatever I need them to. DDB is ridiculously generous about this (I currently am sharing almost all of WotC's publications with around 30 people).

I looked at this a little bit, as I bought the Marvel RPG on Demiplane, and if I do their paid monthly membership, I can share the book with other accounts. I did not look close enough to see if this works with both free accounts and paid accounts, or just paid accounts.

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actually dracula
My D&D settings books based on music videos from the 1980s will be available soon.

This town? Is looking like a Ghost Town. Because Bustin Makes Me Feel Good.

Because it's a Cruel Cruel Summer.


Roll With It, my friends.


Well, that was fun
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You folks do not think the timining of Critical Role's new RPG system is a bit coincidental. If you realized you were one of the best advertising tools for D&D, and you knew that D&D would prosper greatly by having you use their new edition of the game for campaign 4 right as it is released ... wouldn't it be great to have a credible threat that you could just use another system? I think there is gamesmanship here in a lot of what CR has been doing, from the hints that original cast might call it quits, to the new RPG being introduced at this time, to the diffeent approaches to the CR IP for both DNDBeyond and WotC ... Critical Role realizes that WotC has benefitted greatly from CR, and they're making decisions to give them the best options to extract payment for what they provide.

I think in the end we see Critical Role stick with the original cast for Campaign 4 (maybe with an addition), they use the new edition of D&D for the main campaign (which may only meet twice a month), and that WotC will be selling all Critical Role content on the VTT, DNDBeyond, and other avenues. The pie is bigger together, and they're just trying to negotiate for how the surplus will be split.
No, I don't think they're that Machievellian. I'm sure negotiations take place constantly, but most are in good faith.

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