D&D 5E WotC Apologises For Missing Cultural Consultant Credit in Strixhaven

In the initial printing of Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, the credit for Tanya DePass’ (who recently ran the hugely successful Kickstarter for the Afrofuturist RPG Into the Mother Lands, and founded the organisation I Need Diverse Games) role as cultural consultant was omitted. WotC has apologised and promises that the credit will be included in future printings.

The first print run of #Strixhaven missed a crucial credit - the consulting work by @cypheroftyr. We publicly apologize to Tanya for the omission, as we have privately. Future printings will include her credit. See the attached page w/ updated credits already available digitally.

We also failed at communicating this update appropriately. We apologize for both our communication failure and for making the initial credit mistake in the first place.

Thank you to all of our fans for pointing out our mistakes so that we can correct them. We hope our error doesn’t diminish any enjoyment of the work all our teams have put into making #Strixhaven the best it could be.


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What's worse being left off entirely or having your name spelled wrong (the latter of which has happened to me when having something published - not gaming related)? Both can feel like casual disrespect and, depending on how egregious the latter is, both can seed doubt about your involvement. Glad they are correcting this.


Awkward, but it happens. I was accidently omitted as a proofreader for a Swedish game. Noticed that after I had purchased a copy of the game (very seldom that I have been given a copy of the product I have proofread. I can count the instances on the fingers of one hand)... Because the list of proofreaders and other people that should be thanked are usually the last thing that is done before it is sent to print, and noone checks that. For another product they managed to spell the name of one of the proofreaders wrong.. ;)

Edit: the game my name was omitted from, was only printed in less than 300 copies as far as I know.
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In my land we say "More was lost in Cuba", (about the painful defeat in the Spanish-American 1898 war. One of my ancestors was there) as a consolation phrase. It means we shouldn't be sad or angry because some bad things happen because even worse events have happened and we have to learn to face life with "phylosophia", with a right point of view to not fall in the despair neither bitterness.


All they can do is apologize and offer to make it right. Then drop it and move on. There will be some people that will not accept an apology no matter how long and often you say it. I'm not saying this is the case here, as I have no clue, but if does seem like an honest mistake and the new layout shows that they are sincere in getting it right.

I'm sure there will be another mistake coming shortly- likely with TSR6. ;)

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