D&D 5E WotC Apologises For Missing Cultural Consultant Credit in Strixhaven

In the initial printing of Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, the credit for Tanya DePass’ (who recently ran the hugely successful Kickstarter for the Afrofuturist RPG Into the Mother Lands, and founded the organisation I Need Diverse Games) role as cultural consultant was omitted. WotC has apologised and promises that the credit will be included in future printings.

The first print run of #Strixhaven missed a crucial credit - the consulting work by @cypheroftyr. We publicly apologize to Tanya for the omission, as we have privately. Future printings will include her credit. See the attached page w/ updated credits already available digitally.

We also failed at communicating this update appropriately. We apologize for both our communication failure and for making the initial credit mistake in the first place.

Thank you to all of our fans for pointing out our mistakes so that we can correct them. We hope our error doesn’t diminish any enjoyment of the work all our teams have put into making #Strixhaven the best it could be.


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Good to see WotC catch a mistake, publicly offer a mea culpa and make it right as soon as possible with minimum of fuss. Well done them.
This should be in a textbook on how to handle PR issues.

Mistakes WILL happen, they are unavoidable. But this is how you get ahead of it. You throw yourself on your sword and you fix it....and then life moves on.


Rotten DM
holy modern technology batman. Back in the day this would been comment on six months after release and the correction would be in the dragon magazine. And you would have make your own glue to glue into your book.
Ok. Nice catch. Now when does the second printing come out? And if you get Tanya to sign the first printings will they resale enough for me to buy a mansion and airship?

Honestly, is there anyone who would stop purchasing their books over this? This is a big deal?
It is a big deal to not credit someone for their hard work when they deserve so. Not apologising and denying it would be a big deal and wrong.

So yes, I personally would stop buying WoTC products were I interested in this before. I've stopped buying other companies products for 'lesser' things.

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