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WotC WotC D&D Community Update

WotC posted a community update to share news of what they are working on for community outreach.

WotC posted a community update to share news of what they are working on for community outreach.



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I crit!

• Add SRD 5.1 to Creative Commons
•Released 4 Playtest Packets for One D&D
• Collected Feedback via 3 Surveys for Playtest Content

  • Localize SRD 5.1 in French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • Review Previous Editions for Inclusion in Creative Commons
  • Publish Our Internal Content Policy for D&D Products
  • Update the D&D Core Rules
  • Ensure One D&D Rules Updates Are Compatible With Fifth Edition and the SRD
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They also gave a list of cons they are attending:

2023 Community Events​

Below is a list of events we've made plans to support this year. Expect more to be added to this list over time.

EventWhat's HappeningWhereWhen
D&D DirectGet the latest on D&D products, games, and more.Online March 2023
Learn to Play: Your Adventure Begins! Experience D&D for the first time at your local game store with a short adventure! WPN store in the U.S. and Canada April 6-9, 2023
DM Camp: Dungeon Mastering is for Everyone! Game stores will receive kits to help players learn the ropes of being a DM.WPN stores in the U.S. and Canada Summer 2023
UK Games Expo D&D learn-to-play spaces & more TBA.Birmingham, UK June 2-4, 2023
Comic-Con International D&D play and learn-to-play spaces.San Diego July 19-23, 2023
Gen Con TBAIndianapolis Aug. 3-6, 2023
Fan Expo Canada TBA Toronto (Canada) Aug. 24-27, 2023
Big Bad Con TBA Burlingame, California Sept. 28 - Oct. 1
Family Friendly: Build-a-Community Together! Join your local game store in inviting kids to the D&D table with exclusive kits for family play!WPN stores in the U.S. and Canada Fall 2023
GeekGirlCon TBASeattleFall 2023
Gamehole Con TBA Madison, Wisconsin Oct. 19-22, 2023
Pax Unplugged TBA Philadelphia Dec. 2023

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