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D&D 5E Would you buy a D&D Next Beta Playtest Rulebook?

Would you buy a D&D Next Beta Playtest Rulebook?

  • Yes

    Votes: 48 27.6%
  • No

    Votes: 60 34.5%
  • Only if the price was right

    Votes: 64 36.8%
  • I don't care

    Votes: 2 1.1%

  • Poll closed .


World of Kulan DM
One of the great things that Paizo did with the Pathfinder RPG beta playtest was providing not only the PDF download but also the print version at a low price.

Now, Paizo can do that because there was a lot less risk for them financially. But could WotC pull off a similar beta playtest book? Or would it cost them too much more to produce?

And would you, as a D&D fan, buy it? Even if it cost a bit more than the PFRPG beta playtest book?



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First Post
IF the price was low and IF I could buy it even if not selected for the playtest and IF I could get it significantly prior to actual game release day, then yes. But I don't think it will be offered.

You pay for the print cost. Printing yourself is also not free.
You can also pay for open source material if you deem it more confortable to get it nicely packed and bundled.

Also calling it just a job seems ridiculous. Most of us play it, because we want to have fun with the game. And maybe have a part in the development.

And a last reason to pay is helping the new edition to be financially viable, so IF it will be the best edition ever, we want to make sure it is supported well.


If the edition needs a paid beta to be financially viable then it's already failed.

They'll have some sort of printed rules at the various conventions they'll be running this at, and they'll almost certainly have PDFs. They might produce something like the preview books that 4E had, and I fully expect beta rules copies to be sent out for Encounters, but I can't imagine them trying to make half-finished rules an actual product. It will be hard enough managing PR with free demos.



I downloaded the PF Beta (which was free), but never once got around to reading it.

If WotC made their Beta rules available as a free download I would probably download it, and may or may not get around to reading it. But I won't pay for the beta rules, even at cost.

I don't expect to be heavily involved in any playtesting, if at all. I just don't have the time, and would much rather play games with known-good systems.


Hopefully the playtesting rules will be available for no extra cost to subscribers to the Dungeons & Dragons Insider. And available for a very low price to others. I want my group to join the playtesting.

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