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2000AD XP for grade advancements


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I'm unsure about grade advancement (not seen this mentioned elsewhere).

p83 says you need 10x new grade number to advance, so a starting character needs 60 XP for their 6th grade.

However, for a medium difficulty advancement, p83 says that characters gain XP equal to their own grade. Therefore a starting PC will gain 5 XP for a medium encounter. So that's 12 Medium encounters to advance - except the text says 10 medium encounters to advance? So should they be getting XP equal to the next grade i.e. 6 for a starting character?

As you go up grades it will tend to drop the encounters needed slowly by the first method, until at getting 20th grade you'd need 200/19 = ~10.5 encounters, but it seems a bit odd.

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Encounters are not just combat but also obstacles which PCs overcome by usings non-combat skills. Additionally reaching a milestone each session also rewards the players with medium ecounter XP. A grad 5 PC could earn 20 XP in a session of three medium encounters and one milestone. You could also add a hard encounter sometimes, which rewards the double amount of XP.


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Well, they get whatever XP the GM wants to give out. But yes, you’re right, that’s 12 encounters not 10.


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Ok, no problem. I'm happy to give out XP as needed, it was purely the 10x vs the actual numbers that was puzzling me as to intent. Thanks!

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