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XP Levels Revealed!

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The EN World kitten
I tried looking this up earlier, only to find that the EN World FAQ doesn't list anything above level 3. Fair enough...so I decided to look around the forums, record the levels that various posters had, and put together my own list.

Hence, for anyone who's curious what the level breakdown is, here's a mostly-complete list.

Level 1 - Kobold
Level 2 - Goblin
Level 3 - Hobgoblin
Level 4 - Orc
Level 5 - Gnoll
Level 6 - Bugbear
Level 7 - Owlbear
Level 8 - Githyanki
Level 9 - Harpy
Level 10 - Troll
Level 11 - Vampire
Level 12 - Umber Hulk
Level 13 - Vrock
Level 14 - Mind Flayer
Level 15 - Lesser Angel
Level 16 - Earth Elemental
Level 17 - Death Knight
Level 18 - Gibbering Mouther

Enjoy, and let's all keep aiming for that epic tier! :cool:
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El Mahdi: Fine! Here you go Gobbo... ;-)

Nooooo! My beautiful low-level status is vanishing fast! LMAO!

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