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I just want to clarify something.

Although I am currently leveled at Vampire, I am most definitely not the sparkly kind of vampire.

That is all.


Awww.... that's too bad. So does that mean you also aren't full of teenage angst?

And just to clarify, my singing is enough to easily cause psychic damage to anyone hearing it


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5 more XP, five more xp, I hate being a kobold :(

EDIT: I should run by the General RPG section with something funny, everyone seems to be trigger happy with the XP button over there.

EDIT:: See? even if I just say I need xp I get it! BTW thank you!
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Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
1 Kobold 0
2 Goblin 10
3 Hobgoblin 23
4 Orc 37-39 (37.7 by 4e, so still either 37 or 38)
5 Gnoll 54-57 (55 by 4e)
6 Bugbear 77 (75 by 4e, but I'm quite positive it's 77 here)
7 Owlbear 94-100 (100 by 4e)
8 Githyanki 128-132 (130 by 4e)
9 Harpy 165
10 Troll 202-206 (205 by 4e)
11 Vampire 260-264 (260 by 4e)
12 Umber Hulk 319-338 (320 by 4e)
13 Vrock 384-394 (390 by 4e)
14 Mind Flayer x-450 (470 by 4e)
15+ - weem (570 by 4e)

So since only lvl 6 seems off, it's someone's omission, and it's most probably mine :p All other levels are either be spot on or within the brackets.
FYI: I hit Level 14 today at 470 XP--definitely not 450.


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Yeah, that ought to be 450-x (and 470 on the spot, apparently :p). Since only the Lost Bugbear is off, it seems it was my cock-up afterall. Maybe I'll look into it again sometime soon, but for now I'll just update the post.

Thanks for the heads up! BTW - what was the xp power of the user who tipped it (so essentially is it 100% 470, or 465-470 / 467-470)?


Not sure how I hit Bugbear, but I'm sitting at 76 xp, currently. I think I was still a Gnoll 2 days ago, and I haven't received any XP in about 3 days, so this could be some sort of DB error or some-such.


Going by 4e, level 6 is 7,500 XP (75 at EN World), so it makes sense.

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