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I was going to repost this since it was deleted and hoping to get a bit more input, and I see the forum structure has been changed.

The Yoon-suin setting (excellent btw) is set for a more basic version of D&D and as such the mechanical definition of the race is that they are magic users or holymen (clerics), and that is all. I thus had to convert it to a 5e version - not limiting their class choice but making those good choices for them. Is the following balanced?

ABILITY SCORES: +2 int, +1 wisdom. Slugmen have for generations favored mental acuity above all else, and most received a thorough education

AGE: Slugmen live to either 50 or 200-250 years, depending on if they can "Prove" themselves.

Alignment: Slugmen tend to be lawful, being at the top of a intricate society. They tend to be somewhat indifferent to issues of good and evil.

Size: Slugmen are a bit shorter but stouter than humans (size medium)

Speed: Slugmen walking speed is 25 feet

Vision: Slugmen do *not* have darkvision but can see 360 degrees due to their flexible eye stalks. They vision at very long rage is inferior to humans (normally won't affect in-game play).

Slippery: Slugmen's bodies are flexible and covered in a thin layer of mucus. They gain advantage in escaping magical or mundane bonds, grappling attempts, the tentacles of a monster etc. This does not protect vs paralysis however. They also have advantage to checks when trying to squeeze through a narrow opening.

Poison resistance: Slugmen consume so many teas, opiums etc that they have advantage on saves vs poisons, and resistance to poison damage.

Magic harmony: A slugman can attune to 4 magical items, not 3. The 4rth must be of lesser power (common, uncommon or rare)

Scholarly: The Slugman is proficient in one of the following skills: Arcana, History, Religion or Investigation

Language: You know both the trade tongue of the Yellow City as well as the Slugmen language

Subrace: none

P.S. It would be tempting to give this race innate magical powers (like a cantrip etc) but due to the structure of my campaign background, that would not work. Slugmen are very good at *learning* magic but have no innate powers per se. To "prove" itself (and be awarded life-extending tea) a slugman must demonstrate he can wield magic of some form.
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