[ZEITGEIST] We now return you to your regularly scheduled Srasama's Fall


This is a pretty minor question, which was actually hanging at the back of my head for years. As my party is finally starting their Around-The-Lanjyr tour of Kasvarina's Not Proudest Moments, I have to finally decide whether it's just a overlooked joke or a part of canon in my campaign. So...
  • Arc of Reida manifests the past as a solid conjuration, quite visible from the outside of the area of effect.
  • adventure 8 mentions that "first Vekeshi Mystics used it to pass along the memory of Srasama’s fall".
So does it actually means that for the first few years after the Great Malice people of Alas Praimos were regularly startled by a gigantic figure of eladrin goddess exploding right next to their city walls? I can't help but snicker at the thought.
-What is that THING?!
-Oh, don't worry, it's just our neighbours, eladrin terrorists, they'll be gone in a minute.
Heh, good point.

The artifact probably would be used less viscerally for most people. Like, Kasvarina powers it up or something, since she was involved in a lot of pivotal stuff, and it was hanging around the temple of Ingatan for a while soaking up time juice. For other people, maybe it would just let you share a memory in the first person.

But actually, hm, I kinda like the idea of people seeing apparitions of Srasama looming in the distance, and panicking, thinking she was haunting them.


Hirou, we must be running at the same pace; my party is about to go against the ten headed lion. I also had this question, so thank you.

Also had one more. I may have misunderstood things when I started this campaign 4 or 5 years ago, but I had been under the impression that Methia was a dead magic zone because if Srasamas fall - as in, it happened in Methia and the blow back of such a thing fractured the plane.

Seeing in the adventure it happened outside of Primos confuses me as how such a cataclysmic thing happened in Methia. I think my players are fully under the impression that it was a destructive blowback from the goddess' death.

The only real information I see in adventure 8 is that Srasama speaks a curse in what is essentially her death wail. Is this curse the reason Methia is so damaged? Or is it due to somehow the Sacrament of Apotheosis being cast in Methia before Dala is tossed through the portal?