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  • Nighthearth [NITE-herth]
    Region: Dalelands; Heartlands; Moonsea; The North; Sembia
    Usage: current
    - A house or other dwelling that is used primarily as a private, overnight waystop, when one is traveling.
    - A seldom used property set aside for meetings, for trysting, or to host and temporarily house business associates.
    - A place to house (and hide, either by "can't leave" decree or by hiding in plain sight as a "servant") unwanted offspring.

    From Looking For All Info About Cormyr, Candlekeep Forums, page 6, 11 Jan 2009, accessed 5 May 2021.

    Used in a sentence:
    "The Wyvernspurs keep a nighthearth in Thunderstone. If ye seek hidden bastards, look there."