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  • Readykettle [red-EE-ket-tel]
    Region: Sembia
    Usage: current

    - Any room within a Sembian tallhouse where the resident offers up to two persons a hot meal, a separate bed without intimacy, and small-items storage with utter discretion, in exchange for coin; An impromptu establishment that affords paying guests, particularly visitors with shady business connections, a place to run to and hole up in for a day or two.

    From Mevlos Hammerstars, Part Two. Wizards of the Coast website (via Accessed 7/6/21.

    Used in a sentence:
    "If ye need a readykettle in Saerloon, find the third tallhouse north of the docks on Manynets Lane. Take the stairs to the fifth floor. There is only one door. When ye are challenged, reply 'Horath died on caravan.' Ye'll get two nights at most. The authorities will never find ye."