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  • Vallart [val-art]
    Region: Upperdark
    Usage: current
    - Wayfarers bread; crescentiform, dark color, chewy.
    - Popular among drow occupying the Underdark Shallows.

    From Elminster Enraged, Ed Greenwood, hardcover edition, 2012, p48.

    Used in a sentence:
    "Tis called vallart. The drow eat it—and so can you."

    Vauntrass [Von-TRAS]
    (phrasal v.)
    Thorass (Old Common)
    Region: Heartlands, Sword Coast
    Usage: outdated
    - Keep back; keep from me.
    - A word engraved on finger bones worn as charms by backcountry folk of the Heartlands and Sword Coast, the charm meant to ward away the undead.

    From Eye On the Realms: A Surprising Vintage, Dragon #407, January 2012.

    Used in a sentence:
    "Aye, the old words still have power. Learn the meaning of arruthro, lammitruh and vauntras before ye go adventuring. Ye might live a little longer."