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  • Service Dagger
    Region: Heartlands (Cormyr)
    Usage: current
    - A magical dagger given to veteran Purple Dragons upon their retirement.
    - Glows like a candle when held and given a mental command.

    From Eye On the Realms: Thormil's Secret, Dungeon #194, September 2011.

    Used in a sentence:
    "I wager old Kaggur has slain more foes with his service dagger than he ever did while a Dragon."

    Sling Wares [SLING wares]
    Region: Heartlands (Cormyr; Marsember)
    Usage: current
    - Sorting and packaging.
    - Making deliveries.
    - Warehouse work.

    From Eye On the Realms: The Silent Sail, Dungeon #185, December 2010.

    (Note to the reader: WotC marked both its November and December 2010 issues of Dungeon as "November 2010 Dungeon #184." This entry has been listed with the correct month and issue #.)

    Used in a sentence:
    "You're in Marsember now. 'Tis expected you'll find ways to make coins that will never be taxed. So sling wares by day and find a way to make more coins by night. Remember: Silent defiance of authority is what we Marsembans do."