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Why the New D&D Board Game is a Big Deal
  • 18
Hasbro’s recent announcement of new D&D board game is welcome but not necessarily new—Wizards of the Coast has published several D&D-themed board games in the past. What is new is that the product...
An Official Hellboy RPG Is Coming!
  • 25
Red Scar is set to produce Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game, powered by D&D 5E, to be published by Mantic Games (who already make the board game). "A brand-new Hellboy roleplaying experience...
EN5ider #345 - Mini-Adventure: The Pallid Piper
  • 0
EN5ider's highly anticipated sequel to the amazing Fungal Bums mini-adventure is here—read onward for an infectionadventure you'll never forget!
Epic Monsters: Cheshire Cat
  • 16
We all know the grin of today’s entry in Epic Monsters, but there is much about this mysterious creature that will surprise you—like how its first appearance was not in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Are you intrigued? Good because I think it’d like that. Click onward for the Cheshire Cat!
Wayne Reynolds’ Cover Art for Pathfinder’s Bestiary 3
  • 18
Artist Wayne Reynolds has shared the cover art for next year’s Bestiary 3.
Agents of Edgewatch Player's Guide: A Review
  • 31
Hey howdy folks, it’s time for another PAIZO REVIEW! We’ve got a bevy of new products ready to see their minute in the spotlight, and it’s up to us to give it to them. Let’s start things off with...
Podcast #111: The Islands of Sina Una with Joshua Mendenhall
  • 4
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Joshua Mendenhall to talk about his new 5e campaign setting The Islands of Sina Una based on Filipino myths and legends. In the news, lots of new product...
Congratulations to the 2020 ENnies Winners!
  • 72
In an online ceremony hosted by Robin D. Laws, Misha Bushyager, Kenneth Hite, Chris Spivey, and Mike Pondsmith, the RPG awards for 2020 were announced last night, with the gold award for Product...
Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online
  • 47
After more than a decade out of print, the "what if Sauron won" 3E setting Midnight is coming back in 2021 for 5E as Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, Edge Entertainment announced Thursday, July 30...
Secrets of Magic coming in 2021 for Pathfinder
  • 13
With two new classes - the Magus (a fighter/mage type) and the Summoner which bonds with an eidolon which advances along with the Summoner - Secrets of Magic is coming to Pathfinder 2E next year...
Worlds of Design: Making Megadungeons Make Sense
  • 22
When D&D originally came out Gary Gygax more or less taught GMs that they should make huge multilevel dungeons that the adventuring party would enter and loot, killing the monsters who were...
News Digest for the Week of July 31
  • 11
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. Just because Gen Con is virtual this year doesn’t mean companies aren’t shy with the announcements as we have news on releases for...
One Page Adventure: Ghosts in the Graveyard!
  • 0
What happens when a graverobber dies? He's buried alongside his many victims! In this ONE PAGE ADVENTURE for 5th level characters, the PCs are tasked to recover the graverobber's ill-gotten gains...
2020's Diana Jones Award Goes to Black Excellence in Gaming
  • 8
The Diana Jones Award (so named for the piece of the old Indiana Jones RPG which makes up part of the award statue) is given out at Gen Con every year for Excellence in Gaming. It can go to anyone...
Paizo Releases 15 New Books At (Virtual) Gen Con!
  • 9
The pandemic-mandated online version of Gen Con is going on right now, and many companies traditionally use the event for big releases. The fact that it's online isn't holding Paizo back as they...
Beadle & Grimm To Make 'Character Chronicles' For Pathfinder
  • 6
The Complete Character Chronicle is a new product coming to Kickstarter from Beadle & Grimm (those people who make those expensive D&D boxed sets). What if you could have a single book that...
Beadle & Grimm's 'Legendary Edition' Curse of Strahd
  • 28
If the recently announced "Revamped Edition" of the D&D adventure Curse of Strahd from WotC wasn't enough for you, Beadle & Grimm have upped the ante with a Legendary Edition for $359. This one...
Strange Aliens and Fantastic Planets Abound in M-SPACE and the M-S Companion
  • 22
M-SPACE works well for heroic and mythic sci-fi games, but can emulate everything from contemporary near-realistic settings to 1940s pulp-inspired heroes. With the M-SPACE Companion, cybernetics...
Exploring Eberron: Now Available!
  • 157
Eberron creator Keith Baker’s Exploring Eberron, with new races, subclasses, monsters, and tons of setting information is now available in PDF format!
RPG Crowdfunding News – Jiangshi, The Dark Eye, The Fantasy Trip, and more
  • 7
All of these RPG crowdfunding projects end by August 13th. This week, while there are more than a dozen RPGs and dice options, I kept the focus on four projects, one RPG/board game hybrid, two...



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