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RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News (May 29, 2022)
  • 0
Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the...
Podcast #202: Introducing a New RPG to Players
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter talk about the best ways to introduce players to a new RPG. In the news, Dungeons & Dragons product delays, new Unearthed Arcana playtest for D&D, new Pathfinder and...
June's Gate Pass Gazette Articles
  • 2
Coming in June's issue of the Gate Pass Gazette, the official magazine of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition!
EN5ider #456 - Intriguing Organizations: The Vultures
  • 1
Today EN5ider brings another solution to your adventuring woes! When there are simply too many enemy swords left on the battlefield or the treasure of the dungeon is too large to carry to town, the Vultures are the crew to hire to handle the grunt work. You'll be amazed at the suite of services they have to offer.
News Digest for the Week of May 27
  • 5
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New Unearthed Arcana playtest material, release delays for Dungeons & Dragons, preview of Dragonlance novel Dragons of Deceit...
Return to Dark Tower RPG: An Interview with Chris O'Neill (9th Level Games)
  • 0
Launching on May 31st via Kickstarter, 9th Level Games brings Return to Dark Tower RPG - Roleplay in the Four Kingdoms. I’m a fan of this Polymorph system, it’s innovative and simple, yet detailed...
A Review Of Advanced Lovers & Lesbians
  • 21
For a variety of reasons, romance is a challenge in many tabletop RPGs. While discussing how a character simultaneously eviscerates and decapitates a Big Bad Evil guy comes naturally to many...
Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!
  • 39
The first few pages of August's upcoming Dragonlance novel Dragons of Deceit from creators Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are available to read over at Polygon. It opens up with Destina...
Goodman Games To Reincarnate Jennell Jaquays' Caverns of Thracia
  • 48
Game designer Jennell Jaquays has announced that Goodman Games will be reviving her 1979 Caverns of Thracia adventure for D&D 5E and its own DCC RPG. The Greek-themed adventure is set in a...
New Unearthed Arcana Today: Giant Themed Class Options and Feats
  • 382
A new Unearthed Arcana dropped today, focusing on giant-themed player options. "In today’s Unearthed Arcana, we explore character options related to the magic and majesty of giants. This playtest...
Homebrew and Hacking: Crafting Personalised Feats: An Interview with PJ Coffey
  • 0
PJ Coffey, co-host of Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, author on Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition, and publisher of Homebrew and Hacking, is on Kickstarter with more content for 5e and A5e. As...
Paizo Announces Drift Crisis, Lastwall, Abomination Vaults, and Shadows at Sundown
  • 23
These Pathfinder and Starfinder updates all dropped in my inbox overnight--press releases announcing Starfinder Drift Crisis, Knights of Lastwall, Abomination Vaults, and Shadows at Sundown. These...
RPG Print News – Columbia Games, Raging Swan, WizKids, and More
  • 20
If we’re being honest, finding treasures like the giant mimic mini for Dungeons & Dragons is one of the great reasons to be a gamer. There is also a modest Lovecraft adventure for D&D as well as a...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Arora, Everyday Heroes, Bloodpunk, and more
  • 8
This week, I’m drowning in RPGs to report on. The first six on this list have raised six-figures each. As of this writing, there are ten live RPG campaigns at seven or six figures. That’s a nice...
Check Out The Gotham City Chronicles Quickstart
  • 7
Announced last year, the official Batman RPG, Gotham City Chronicles, from French publisher Monolith, has just hit Kickstarter (as part of a larger boardgame project) and includes a QuickStart...
D&D Products Delayed Including Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel
  • 40
WotC has announced that Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel will be delayed a month from June 21st to July 19th. The D&D Beyond version is being similarly delayed. Due to production issues, two...
New Kickstarter Launched: Sickness and Health: New Diseases For Your 5E Game
  • 4
This 30-page 5E supplement includes 16 diseases and 2 adventures ready to be used in your 5th Edition games! 6 new mundane and supernatural diseases, including bottle fever, demonic plague, and...
Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say
  • 11
Considering the popularity of Critical Role, I was surprised to find that several publications did not review Call of the Netherdeep, the first Critical Role adventure released for Dungeons &...
Asking for Reviews
  • 10
Congratulations on publishing your new gaming product! Your next challenge is to find someone who cares enough to share their opinion about it.
Monsters of Spelljammer (part 1)
  • 40
Monsters of Spelljammer is a three part series intended to provide an overview of the many strange and unusual creatures found in the Spelljammer setting. Each entry has a picture (if the monster...

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