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Solasta: Crown of the Magister Offers A Hidden Fifth Edition Computer Gem
  • 0
Seven years in, one would think there would be an official Fifth Edition video game by now. There are plenty of ways to play D&D electronically, such as the upcoming Dark Alliance action brawler...
TSR (2) Confirms TSR (3)'s Acquisition of Trademark
  • 5
Jayson Elliot registered the TSR trademark back in 2011 and used it to launch Gygax Magazine along with Ernie and Luke Gygax. The two Gygax's left the company a few years later after Gary Gygax's...
News Digest for the Week of June 25
  • 0
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Confusion and Controversy around the new TSR Games, previews from the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms expansion for Magic: The...
5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week
  • 82
From Polygon comes a report that WotC is releasing for download an anthology of five adventures for character levels 8-10 on June 29th to celebrate the Magic the Gathering: Adventures in the...
Dragon Reflections #45
  • 13
Dragon Publishing released Dragon issue 45 in January 1981. It is 96 pages long and has a cover price of $3.00. In this issue, we have three new NPC subclasses, everything you never wanted to know...
Ernie Gygax on New TSR, WotC Beefs, Trademarks, Licensees, 5E, & More
  • 322
A YouTube channel, 'Live From the Bunker', interviewed Ernie Gygax about the new TSR. I've watched and decided to try to transcribe the most relevant parts of it, but the full hour-long video is...
The Mystery Deepens -- Jim Ward Knows Nothing About A New TSR!
  • 52
The mysteries about a new TSR are just getting more and more confusing! Not only did another new TSR announce its launch recently, they claim to be the original company resurrected, using names...
Wrestlers Join the D&D Live Fray!
  • 23
In addition to Jack Black and others, WotC's 'D&D Live' event this year will feature a game called The Chaos of Carnival Table played by a group of wrestlers: Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, MACE, and...
RPG Print News – Modiphius, Frog God Games, Sandy Pug Games, and More
  • 5
Party like its 1978 with box sets and a screen and adventure for Swords & Wizardry as well as a cat-based supplement for OSR fantasy RPGs. Go in another entirely weird direction and play a...
RPG Crowdfunding News – 5e Oz, Defiant, Synthicide, and more
  • 12
This week, I review RPG crowdfunding projects that end between June 25th to July 17th. This article includes a number of adaptations: Oz to D&D, Synthicide to Forged in the Dark, and Ponyfinder to...
A TSR Announces a Star Frontiers Reboot
  • 171
One of the new TSRs (yes there are now two TSRs!) has announced a reboot of Star Frontiers, the sci-fi game made by the original TSR back in the 1980s. Star Frontiers was a percentile dice...
Spells of the Ages: Archmagic For D&D 5th Edition
  • 4
This 27-page book contains 38 new spells, a new school of ecomancy for wizards, plus rules for upcasting 19 spells from the 5E core rules...
Malleus Monstrorum Unboxing (Not Responsible for Nightmares or TPKs)
  • 6
I picked up Malleus Monstrorum because of Pulp Cthulhu (review). In Pulp Cthulhu PCs are heroes who shoot and fight to defeat the Mythos. I want my PCs to fight cultists and evil villains but also...
Flying Buffalo Being Sold?
  • 42
Flying Buffalo's CEO Steve Crompton has indicated that the company is being sold to an undisclosed buyer! Flying Buffalo a tabletop gaming company founded in 1970 - published Ken St Andre's...
EN5ider #398 - Mini-Adventure: Mr. Kite's Flying Circus
  • 0
EN5ider is taking you to the circus today complete with sweet iced treats, clowns soaring about the audience, trapeze artists flitting about between platforms suspended in mid-air, and a few dozen elementals working hard to make these wonders possible—toiling against their will.
Mythological Figures: Guinevere
  • 1
We’re getting royal again on Mythological Figures and going back to one of England’s most famous and written about queens, the love of Lancelot and wife of King Arthur: Lady Guinevere!
The Hidden Costs of Game Mastering
  • 54
We all know about the burdens of game mastering. But depending on the game, there can also be a physical and emotional cost.
Podcast #155: Superhero RPGs with Shane Stacks
  • 12
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Shane Stacks to talk about superhero roleplaying games. In the news, a third Dungeons & Dragons book this year, possible Dragonlance video game, new...
TSR Is Back.... Again!
  • 139
TSR is back... again! A new company, using the name and logo of the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons has just been launched, along with a limited edition new game called Giantlands, and a...
Partners Puts Procedurals Under The Hot Lights
  • 1
Role-playing games are a hobby of mimicry. They are a new way to tell the stories we love. We get a chance to be part of the story and make the choices of our favorite heroes and villains. Thanks...

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