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Lewis Pulsipher

Lewis Pulsipher

Dragon, White Dwarf, Fiend Folio
Worlds of Design: Playtest Your Games
  • 18
It’s one thing to write for RPGs and another to write RPG rules. And one of those differences is playtesting.
Worlds of Design: Peaceful Solutions to Violent Problems
  • 45
How can we provide non-violent means of resolving conflicts with monsters and NPCs in RPGs?
Worlds of Design: The Destination, Not the Journey?
  • 30
Leveling is an integral part of fantasy role-playing games in all its forms RPGs, but it wasn't always that way. How did we get here?
Worlds of Design: Plot Twists vs. Deux Ex Machina
  • 0
Plot twists in a story can surprise the reader, but they need to be believable, to derive from what came before. Deux Ex Machina, on the other hand, is poison, breaking immersion and possible...
Worlds of Design: Stages of Your Hero's Journey
  • 2
In RPG campaigns the characters often move through several stages of life as they increase their capabilities (and responsibilities). We don’t see this in one-shot adventures, yet distinct stages...
Worlds of Design: Heroes … Made or Born?
  • 6
Where do heroes come? Some are destined from birth to be heroes, while others rise to the occasion. Your RPG system of choice likely determines which you get to play.
Worlds of Design: To Design or Publish?
  • 8
Tabletop game publishing is a big step to take, but the reality is it's very difficult for an unknown designer to get a game accepted by an established publisher. So what’s a designer to do?
Worlds of Design: 5 More Military Strategy Tips for Your PCs
  • 4
This is a continuation of a discussion from last time. Remember, strategy is what you do long before a battle takes place, and tactics is what you do in and during a battle. But I'm not going to...
Worlds of Design: Military Strategy Tips for Your PCs
  • 8
Want to survive in the very hostile world of tabletop role-playing games? These tips drawn from military strategy can help.
Worlds of Design: A Playtesting Framework
  • 12
What are we looking for when playtesting a (tabletop) game we have designed? That is, what tells us it might be worth pursuing further? I am going to generalize here to most tabletop games, since...
Worlds of Design: The Importance of Self-Consistency
  • 20
Internal self-consistency, creating stories that fit together and make sense, is critical if you want your players to be immersed in your game.
Worlds of Design: Doing it All Over Again
  • 33
Do overs are common in video games. But can they work in role-playing games?
Worlds of Design: The Art of Improvisation in RPGs
  • 7
I recently saw a musical analogy for my board game Britannia that made me think about a related analogy to explain opposed games versus puzzles, and further, RPGs. Let’s have a go.
Worlds of Design: Barbarians at the Gates – Part 2
  • 20
In the first article we discussed the definition of a barbarian. In the second, we discuss ways that barbarians might factor into a setting or campaign.
Worlds of Design: Barbarians at the Gates – Part 1
  • 62
It's a rare fictional universe that doesn't have barbarian lands; even in science fiction. But who decides who is a barbarian?
Worlds of Design: The Rules of Magic
  • 17
Hard magic systems have clear rules about how they work; they are predictable. Soft magic has no clear “system” and tends to lack any kind of connection between one spell and another—more or less...
Worlds of Design: Putting Up Walls
  • 52
While the typical monumental defensive wall is much less impressive than the Great Wall we see in photographs, they did serve a purpose, and many were built. How might they fit into a fantasy world?
Worlds of Design: Stratagems
  • 70
Use of stratagems goes back at least as far as Odysseus and the Trojan Horse. Fans of Glen Cook's "Black Company" series about a fantasy mercenary company will recognize their preference for...
Worlds of Design: Game Design vs. Story Framework
  • 26
Making a Tolkien-like history for a game can beself-indulgent if you let it get in the way of the game. Making it for written stories is something else entirely.
Worlds of Design: Tough Times at the Top
  • 39
I’ve always thought that combat-oriented Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop role-playing games become less fun to play as characters reach double-figure levels of power. Here’s why, and how to fix it.

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