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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

RPG News for Monday, 14 Jan, 2013

  • 1
Dungeons & Dragons News Mike continues with his overview of D&D Next by diving deeper into the details behind the two main goals for the game. This is the second of two articles; the first...

RPG News for Saturday, 12 Jan, 2013

  • 0
Dungeons & Dragons News Yesterday, there was a live Google Hangout video chat interview with D&D Next designers Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford. You can watch it in the video below. We're...
Boardgame Review: Eclipse by Touko Tahkokallio
  • 0
Taken from the Noble History of The Terran Directorate: “The Terran Directorate had spent centuries peacefully coexisting in their own little corner of the galaxy. Though their empire was small, they were a self sufficient race that was content to keep to their own. Some small exploration once in a while brought about expansion and new blood to the Directorate, but beyond their borders something was stirring that would change history forever…”
A (Typewritten) D&D Review from 1974 by Arnold Hendrick
  • 15
"In general, the concept and imagination involved is stunning. However, much more work, refinement, and especially regulation and simplification is necessary before the game is manageable. The scope is just too grand, while the referee is expected to do too much in relation to the players. If you need ideas to help you along into your own fantasy adventure games, these booklets will be of use; otherwise your ten dollars will be wasted. I do not suggest these to the average wargamer." - Arnold Hendrick.
Interview with Dave Arneson
  • 0
Article: The Ultimate Interview with Dave Arneson This interview was conducted by Ciro Alessandro Sacco of It is presented here with his permission. INTRODUCTION David (Dave)...

RPG News for Friday, 11 Jan, 2013

  • 3
Pathfinder News A few weeks ago, Paizo held a competition to stat up characters from Dave Gross' Pathfinder Tales. Here are some of his favourites. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask...
Pathfinder MMO: A Chat with Ryan Dancey and Mark Kalmes of Goblinworks
  • 4
I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Goblinworks' Ryan Dancey (Eve Online, Dungeons & Dragons) and Mark Kalmes (City of Heroes, World of Darkness) about their PATHFINDER ONLINE Kickstarter...

RPG News for Thursday, 10 January, 2013

  • 0
Dungeons & Dragons News A new round of D&D Next surveys are heading out right now. Make sure to check your mail and spam filters over the next few days! In this week's D&D Next Q&A, Rodney talks...
Boardgame Review: Small World by Days of Wonder
  • 3
Born from another of his designs, Phillipe Keyaerts’ most notable game has something of a pedigree. The original version of the game, Vinci, was first released back in 1999 and still has a decent...

RPG News for Friday, 4 Jan, 2013

  • 0 RPG News What better way to close out 2012, the 5th anniversary of Pathfinder and the 10th anniversary of Paizo than a chat with Paizo...

RPG News for Wednesday, 2 January, 2013

  • 0
Welcome back, and welcome to 2013! Before I delve into the news, why not see how well you remember 2012? Or test your memory of classic TSR module artwork? Those two links may make it clear that...

RPG News & "State of EN World" for NYE, Monday, 31 Dec, 2012

  • 6
Happy New Year, everybody! This is my last news post of 2012. The next one will be on Wednesday, the 2nd of January. Scroll down for a "state of EN World" at the end! Dungeons & Dragons News...
Boardgame Review: Lords of Waterdeep from WotC
  • 2
Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendours! A place beloved of many a D&D player who has thrown themselves at the mercy of a Forgotten Realms campaign, it’s little surprise that Wizards of the...
New Hobby Game Releases UK
  • 0
New Releases for 24th/31st December 2012. This is Angus Abranson's regular list. The below will have hit some stores last week and will probably hit the rest this coming week due to the Christmas holidays. For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

RPG News for Friday, 28 December, 2012

  • 0
Pathfinder RPG News Award-winning fantasy and SF editor Lou Anders gives a glowing review of the Pathfinder Tales novel Death's Heretic. As a holiday present to gamers everywhere, Super Genius...

RPG News for Wednesday, 26 December, 2012

  • 0
I hope that everybody had a great Christmas, and got plenty of excellent gaming loot! If you have a quick spare second, "liking", "tweeting", or "Google+ing" EN World using the buttons at the top...

RPG News for Monday, 24 Dec, 2012

  • 0
Announcing the Winner of Battle of the Bards 2012 Community News EN World columnist Challenger RPG asks Fed up of Rolling Dice for High Level Players...

RPG News for Friday, 21st Dec, 2012

  • 0
Pathfinder News Today's Daily Deal over at the Pathfinder Kickstarter is an Old One Idol. Each Daily Deal is an in-game item that will give your character a little extra. The voting is now...

RPG News for Thursday, 20 Dec, 2012

  • 0
Pathfinder News's site is having problems. I know exactly how that feels. Anyway, they say: "We're having issues with the...

RPG News for Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2012

  • 0
Pathfinder RPG News Super Genius Games has acquired the Pathfinder post-apocalyptic setting Warlords of the Apocalypse from Adamant Entertainment. It was announced in 2010 but ran into problems...

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