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Russ Morrissey


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Possible Dragon Book?

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


2 Classic Settings

2022 or Beyond

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Unearthed Arcana: Mages of Strixhaven
  • 1,078
An Unearthed Arcana playtest document for the upcoming Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos hardcover has been released by WotC! "Become a student of magic in this installment of Unearthed Arcana...
Photos from the D&D Movie Set
  • 50
The D&D movie is currently filming at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. A number of onlookers have posted photos from the set on Twitter, as has Newcastle's The Chronicle. Check the link for lots...
Check Out Wild Beyond the Witchlight's Back Cover & Text
  • 51
Wild Beyond the Witchlight now has a back cover, complete with product text! The adventure is for levels 1-8, and features a poster map. Something Wicked This Way Comes Once every eight years...
Witchlight Promo Video: Ellywick Tumblestrum
  • 310
WotC posted this short video on its social media accounts today, featuring a character called Ellywick Tumblestrum, who is a bard from the Magic: the Gathering D&D set, Adventures in the Forgotten...
And Here Is Strixhaven's Cover Art!
  • 97
It's not just The Wild Beyond The Witchlight's cover art being revealed today! We also have Magali Villeneuve's cover art for Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos! Strixhaven is an upcoming D&D setting...
Wild Beyond The Witchlight Has A 'Feywild Adventure Accessory Kit'
  • 20
In addition to the hardcover adventure coming later this year, the fey-themed Wild Beyond The Witchlight has an accessory kit, according to Amazon. There's not much info about it, other than a...
Here Is The Full & Alternate Cover Art Of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
  • 72
Here is the cover art for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the hardcover D&D product revealed this weekend. Cover art by Tyler Jacobson Alternate cover by Hydro74...
Level Up's Downtime activities
  • 18
We have a lot of downtime activities available in the advanced edition of 5E. Crafting, information gathering, recovery, religious devotion, research, spell craft, training, and work. Here's a...
Two New D&D Books Revealed: Feywild & Strixhaven Mage School
  • 672
Amazon has revealed the next two D&D hardcovers! The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is a feywild adventure due in September, and Curriculum of Chaos is a Magic: the Gathering setting of Strixhaven...
D&D Movie: 'A Sigh of Relief' & Regé-Jean Page Plays A Paladin
  • 73
One of the stars of the upcoming D&D movie -- Regé-Jean Page of Bridgerton fame -- spoke to Variety about the production. He also reveals he is playing a paladin! According to Variety -- Page...
Medieval D&D Character Sheets
  • 20
I saw these mentioned over on Geek Native. On Etsy, BadgersBunker is selling these character sheets for £2.95 -- D&D 5E character sheets with a heavily stylized medieval look...
Beam Me Up: An Awfully Cheerful Preview
  • 0
Tomorrow I'll be running a demo of Beam Me Up, the fourth adventure in the Awfully Cheerful Engine! series, with a group of professional streamers. I can't wait! The players are Matt Cox, Quill...
Critical Role’s 7-hour Campaign Finale
  • 184
It’s not the last of Critical Role (obviously) but it is the end of their second campaign this Thursday. And it’s 7 hours long! Critical Role’s highly successful second campaign -- The Mighty...
Larry Elmore Shares Dragonlance Character Art
  • 14
“Found this in the flat files drawer.”
D&D Screen & Dungeon Kit
  • 22
WotC has announced a new DM Screen and ‘dungeon kit’ coming later this year, including dungeon geomorph tiles, condition cards, and initiative cards.
Wayne Reynolds Shares Guns & Gears Art
  • 27
Artist Wayne Reynolds has shared the full cover art for Guns & Gears, the upcoming Pathfinder hardcover. The artwork for Guns & Gears (Pathfinder RPG) was previewed at PaizoCon over the weekend...
Tieflings & Aasimar: Check Out Level Up's Planetouched!
  • 14
Over on our Facebook group we took a poll to see which heritage you’d like us to preview. The planetouched won by miles, so here it is!
Level Up: All About Prestige
  • 17
Every adventurer in Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition has a Prestige rating. Prestige is a rating of how famous (or infamous) a character is. Adventurers start play with a Prestige of 0 and gain...
The Awfully Cheerful Engine! Unlocks Orcs & Oubliettes and BITE ME!
  • 4
The Awfully Cheerful Engine! Kickstarter has burst through two stretch goals! The first is a parody of the world's most popular roleplaying game, and the second is a delve into deepest...
Planescape Artist Tony DiTerlizzi Shares Planescape Playlist
  • 36
If you use Spotify, this playlist is the music Planescape artist Tony DiTerlizzi used back in 1994 to get into the right mood to draw for Planescape.

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