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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Gizmodo Reveals OGL v1.1's 'Term Sheet' Carrots For Selected Publishers
  • 159
In December, WotC arranged meetings under NDA with a number of prominent third party 5E OGL creators in order to persuade them to sign up to the new Open Game License v1.1. before it was revealed...
WotC Walks Back Some OGL Changes, But Not All
  • 1,433
Wizards of the Coast has finally made a statement regarding the OGL. The statement says that the leaked version was a draft designed to solicit feedback and that they are walking back some...
OGL-Gate & Mainstream Media: The Guardian Weighs In
  • 102
With The Guardian picking up the story this morning, here's a list of media outlets covering the Open Gaming Licence controversy. The initial story came from Gizmodo/iO9, which recieved a leaked...
Paizo Announces New Irrevocable Open RPG License To Replace the OGL
  • 529
Paizo, the maker of Pathfinder, has just announced a new open license for use with RPGs. The license will not be owned by Paizo - or by any TTRPG company, and will be stewarded by Azora Law, a...
Rumours: WotC Announcement Today; Insider Email Reveals Plans
  • 488
There's a couple of rumours going round today. I cannot verify either, but I'm reporting them as most of the recent OGL rumours have proven true. First -- it is rumoured that today at 3pm ET...
EN Publishing & The OGL
  • 36
Like everybody else in the Open Gaming community, we at EN Publishing have been scrambling to understand what WotC's leaked plans mean for us as a company, and how best to proceed forward. We feel...
Not DnD - Fragments of the Past
  • 1
Fragments of the Past is a rules-light TTRPG set in a sacred, fatal, and blazing world inspired by Tolkien, Homer, and the archaeology of the Bronze Age. It is a journey into a forgotten past that...
OGL: Kobold Press 'Raising Our Flag' For New Open RPG
  • 344
Kobold Press has announced its plans regardimg the upcoming new OGL v1.1, whihc involve a new, open game code named Project Black Flag. Kobold Press has been and always will be committed to...
Paramount+ Orders 8-episode D&D TV Show
  • 96
According to Deadline, an 8-episode TV show has been ordered by Paramount+. The pilot epidode of this Dungeons & Dragons TV show was written by Rawson Mashall Thurber (Red Notice) who will also...
OGL: What Are The Publishers Saying [UPDATED]
  • 445
While many publishers are still holding frantic meetings and consulting lawyers, and others are still in 'wait and see' mode, some have already indicated how the new draft OGL v1.1 affects them...
  • 4
Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7pm GMT (2pm Eastern) will be the first episode of AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS a livetreamed classic Dragonlance campaign! Watch live on Twitch or catch up later on YouTube or...
Battlezoo Shares The OGL v1.1
  • 404
Battlezoo, the YouTube channel which shared the initial leak of the new Open Game License, has shared the PDF of the OGL v1.1 draft which is currently circulating. This draft is, presumably, the...
Community Posts Open Letters To WotC About New OGL
  • 64
Over the past week there have been several petitions and open letters posted regarding the upcoming Open Game License v1.1, asking Wizards of the Coast to reconsider its current path. This Open...
Ex D&D Beyond Staffers Criticize Relationship With WotC
  • 137
Ex D&D Beyond Product Manager Andrew Searls and co-founder Adam Bradford have both publicly denounced a detetoriation in the platform's relationship with Wizards of the Coast. Searles, who left...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide Available in PDF
  • 14
With the current OGL uncertainty, we have brought forward the digital release date of the DDG from March to now. The PDF is available from our online store. The hardcovers are still scheduled for...
Lego Dungeons & Dragons Contest Winner Announced!
  • 24
We could use a bit of good D&D news after the recent licensing bombshell, and LEGO is here for us! The winner of the Dungeons & Dragons LEGO contest has been announced, and it's Dragon's Keep...
Kickstarter's Director of Games on Why The Platform Attracts Lower OGL v1.1 Royalties
  • 41
Jon Ritter, Kickstarter's Director of Games, clarified why creators making over $750K using the new Open Gaming Licence v1.1. will only have to pay WotC 20% royalties on revenue over that $750K...
Ryan Dancey -- Hasbro Cannot Deauthorize OGL
  • 660
I reached out to the architect of the original Open Gaming License, former VP of Wizard of the Coast, Ryan Dancey, and asked his opinion about the current plan by WotC to 'deauthorize' the current...
The OGL -- Just What's Going On?
  • 2,341
D&D fandom is in uproar again about purported upcoming changes to the Open Gaming License, and rumours are flooding social media regarding WotC's intentions to 'de-authorize' the existing Open...
WotC Cancels 5 Video Games
  • 99
While D&D itself seems to be still growing rapidly nearly 10 years after the launch of 5th Edition, WotC has recently scaled back its video game plans, costing up to 15 people their jobs, although...

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