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Rob Wieland

Rob Wieland

A Review Of Advanced Lovers & Lesbians
For a variety of reasons, romance is a challenge in many tabletop RPGs. While discussing how a...
A Review of Death In Space
Far too often, genres outside of Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy get pigeonholed into one game...
A Review of Ruins Of Symbaroum For D&D Fifth Edition
The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is obvious. Many publishers are doing their...
A Review of Second Inquisition? Let's Begin!
Vampires and vampire hunters go together like peanut butter and chocolate. What is Dracula...
Expand Your Star Trek Adventures With New Guides For Players And Gamemasters
Good RPG advice can be hard to find. There are often some nuggets in the GM section of the core...
Time Is On Your Side When You Are Undying
One of the coolest powers of the vampire is their immortality. Living forever is one of the...
A Look Inside The Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest Edition
It’s hard to believe nearly ten years since the last official Marvel RPG was released. In that...
Build Better Worlds Together With Arium
Worldbuilding is generally considered to be the responsibility of the Game Master. Either...
Steal From The Vampires And Give To The Poor In Brinkwood
In screenwriting, the “elevator pitch” boils down an idea to the barest essentials. The...
My Six Favorite Pieces of the TTRPGs For Trans Rights In Texas Bundle
There’s a lot of darkness in the world today. Endlessly doomscrolling through social media can...
My Five Favorite Things From Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep
The next collaboration between the world’s largest role-playing game and the livestreaming...
An Early Look At Avatar Legends
Avatar Legends made waves in the industry last year by making 9.5 million dollars last year on...
Forge Epic Gear With Steam And Steel
Crafting is one of those gaming niches that can be difficult to pull off. The players who love...
They Came From Beyond The Review!
There are two nerdy products that I am proud of that came from my region of the US. The first...
Return of The One Ring: A 2e Review
The Lord of the Rings is a story about the journey. Mordor is scary and memorable, but the books...
Master The Index Card RPG In This Collected Edition
When thinking about using a generic RPG system at my table, I think that simpler is better...
Go Down The Hobbit Hole Of The One Ring Starter Set
Dungeons & Dragons has offered players a chance to get their medieval fantasy stories on for...
Those Who Wanderhome Are Not Lost
Stories are rooted in conflict. The main character wants something but can’t get it. They must...
The Black Hack Boxed Set Offers (Almost) Everything You Need For An Excellent Hexcrawl
The lure of the boxed set is fairly clear. Everything you need to play the game all in one tidy...
Mutants In The Now Brings A Fresh Look At Other Strangeness
Licensed RPGs are the shooting stars of tabletop roleplaying games. They burn brightly...
New Playsets Aim To Make Your Next Game Night A Fiasco
Fiasco is one of my go-to choices when a friend that’s never played a role playing game asks me...

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