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August 15th

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August 15th

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September 19th

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October 16th

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November 14th


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RPG Evolution: How a RPG Company Launched Virtual Reality Gaming
The concept of virtual reality is not a new one. It's been a staple of science fiction for some...
RPG Evolution: That Time I Surprised My Players With Cthulhu
Years ago I ran a game of D20 Modern using D20 Call of Cthulhu/D20 Delta Green over three years...
RPG Evolution: RPGs Have a Health Problem
Increasingly, the families of older gamers in the U.S. are turning to crowdfunding campaigns to...
RPG Evolution: When Gaming Bleeds
Monte Cook Games recently released Consent in Gaming, a sensitive topic that addresses subjects...
RPG Evolution: Darren Watts on Superheroes, Playtesting, and Dogs on Twitter
At PortConMaine I had the opportunity to sit in on Darren Watts' panel on superheroes in gaming. That panel merely scratched the surface of Darren's experience in the tabletop industry so I pounced on the opportunity to ask him about everything from tabletop gaming to playtesting.

An Army in the Dungeon

Dungeons & Dragons' roots stretch all the way back to wargaming and it has a subtle influence on...

RPG Evolution: Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?

The term "race" is a staple of fantasy that is now out of sync with modern usage. With...

RPG Evolution: How a RPG Changed the Star Wars Universe

The unstoppable franchise that is Star Wars is back in the headlines thanks to the blockbuster...

RPG Evolution: The Crazy Origin of the Dungeon

Dungeons & Dragons is known for the titular dungeon, but its origins are a little more prosaic...

RPG Evolution - D&D Does Digital Part IV: Online Communities

Wizards of the Coast's forums are yet another casualty of the tension between the owners of the...

RPG Evolution - Minecraft: The Gateway to D&D

Minecraft has become ubiquitous with kids everywhere who are obsessed with the crafting game...

RPG Evolution: Is the OSR Dead?

As kids who grew up with Dungeons & Dragons have gotten older, they've entered a new phase of...

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