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Paizo Roundup: Character Operations Manual, Forever Reliquary, and More
Hello again my lovelies! Another month gone by and another month of delight looms on the horizon...
Paizo Update: Cult of Cinders, Tomorrow Must Burn, Fate of the Fifth, and More!
Hello again my darling Paizo fans! The air has turned crisp, the sky is blue, the leaves are...
Attack of the Swarm New Starfinder AP
Fate of the Fifth is the first part of the Attack of the Swarm adventure path from Paizo. The...
Iron GM Games Releases FREE 'Abattoir 8' For Starfinder's Grimmerspace Setting
The upcoming Starfinder horror-sci-fi setting from Lord of the Rings' Sean Astin already has an adventure! Abattoir 8 is the first adventure for the Grimmerspace setting, for character levels 1-3... and it's free (for now!)
Unboxing The Starfinder Beginner Box
I was a big fan of the Pathfinder Beginner Box, so I've been looking forward to this one. Paizo has posted an official "unboxing" of their upcoming box, which includes books, dice, 80 pawns, character sheets, maps, and player aid cards.
Here's A Closer Look At The Starfinder Critical Hit Deck
The Starfinder Critical Hit Deck is now available, and here's a closer look at a couple of the cards. You can get the deck from Paizo's web store or you local game store.
Starfinder's Critical Hit Deck
For Starfinder fans, there's now a Critical Hit Deck available. Each time you score a critical hit, you can draw a card to determine its effect beyond the usual double damage!
Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
Paizocon, the official convention of Paizo and all things Pathfinder, returns for it’s 11th year from May 24-27 next year in Seattle, US. Badges are now available. Click on the image below!

Starfinder Outpaces Pathfinder In Fall 2017!

Starfinder outpaced Pathfinder! Wow!
Paizo Has A New Website!
Paizo's website has been given an enormous update, redesigning it significantly. The previous design, which had been in place for about 15 years, has been replaced with a more modern, streamlined design.
Paizo & Roll20 Team Up For Pathfinder & Starfinder On Virtual Tabletop
While you've been able to play Pathfinder on various VTT's for ages, Paizo has teamed up with Roll20 to bring both Pathfinder and Starfinder to Roll20. They'll be launching with the War for the Crown adventure path. Lots of pretty pictures below!

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