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Paizo Releases 15 New Books At (Virtual) Gen Con!
The pandemic-mandated online version of Gen Con is going on right now, and many companies...
In July Playtest Starfinder's Mechs and New Nanite-powered Class
Paizo has announced the upcoming public playtests for two new Starfinder elements -- a new class called the nanocyte, and the ability to pilot giant mechs!
Crowdfunding: Menagerie of Magic, Aegis of Empires, & more
This week, I look at crowdfunding projects from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that end by June 11th...
Pathfinder Reviews: Starfinder's Deck of Many Worlds and Pathfinder's The Show Must Go On
Hello my delightful darlings and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! This edition, we review...
Paizo Previews Near Space With Daytenna Flass
A new preview on Paizo's website details the NPC witch warper Daytenna Flass, who shows off "an...
Starfinder: Near Space Review
Hello my lovelies, it’s once again time for your very own PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We have a special...
Paizo Product Roundup: March
Hello again my delightful readers, and welcome to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! On this March edition...
Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!
Free RPG Day is coming Saturday, June 13, 2020, is the first RPG event fully executed by new...
Crowdfunding News: Altered Carbon, Hunter: The Vigil 2e, and more
This week I look at RPG crowdfunding projects that end between February 28th to March 5th. This...
Paizo Product Roundup: February
Welcome back, my Golem devotees! The month of February brings quite a bit from Paizo, including...
Paizo Product Update: January
Happy new year, Paizo fans! This month, we’ll see: the release Pathfinder Lost Omens: Gods &...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Destiny Aurora, Blood Floats in Space, and more
The RPG crowdfunding projects presented in this article end between January 24th to the 30th...
Talking 52 in 52 with Owen KC Stephens
Want to lock in new D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1e, PF2e, and Starfinder content delivered every week in...
Starfinder Meets Alexa: A Review
Starfinder on Alexa has arrived, my lovelies, and we are lucky enough to have a review of the...
Paizo Product Roundup: December
Welcome back my fellow Golem devotees! The weather has taken a severe turn towards the nippy...
Starfinder Alexa Skill: 'The Future Of 'Voice Gaming'
Paizo is launching a "choose your own adventure" style Alexa skill for Starfinder. This just dropped into my inbox.
Starfinder Downtime Activities
Paizo has revealed some 'downtime' activities you can engage in (some especially while on a starship), straight out of the upcoming Character Operations Manual.
A Look Inside Starfinder's Character Operations Manual
Paizo has posted an overview of many of the new feats and class features to be found in its...
Paizo Roundup: Character Operations Manual, Forever Reliquary, and More
Hello again my lovelies! Another month gone by and another month of delight looms on the horizon...
Paizo Update: Cult of Cinders, Tomorrow Must Burn, Fate of the Fifth, and More!
Hello again my darling Paizo fans! The air has turned crisp, the sky is blue, the leaves are...
Attack of the Swarm New Starfinder AP
Fate of the Fifth is the first part of the Attack of the Swarm adventure path from Paizo. The...

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