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All Lemonade Is Local

  • 4
There exists in this world a designer who is very famous for making a very poor lemon squeezer. In 1990, Philippe Starck made a product resembling the unholy love-child of a sci-fi weapon, a...

Pretty Darn Fun (A look at new PDFs)

  • 1
It is truly amazing the variety and scope that can be found in the PDF market. This week we meander between supplements for player characters, DM resources, setting books, history lessons, old...

Experience Point: Level Appropriate Challenges

  • 0
I had to go to the doctor today. Nothing major but I'm having a slight pinched nerve in my neck that is radiating a little pain into my arm. It sucks a little. But then I started to look at my...
New Hobby Game Releases UK
  • 0
The following should be hitting UK games stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers. This list was compiled by Angus Abranson.


  • 63
In case anyone is wondering, my tune "Pistolero" is specifically a Pathfinder song. It's all about the Gunslinger class. Whee! :cool:

Dealing with High Level PCs

  • 12
Conventional methods of adventure design often don’t work so well with high level characters. Because of the mouse-hitting-the-switch-for-more-food-effect, PCs at higher levels tend to be way...

Gamehackery Christmas List

  • 0
Just time for your Cyber Monday shopping, here are some gift ideas for the DM or player on your list. I'm going to try to avoid ideas that will be covered on other lists -- which does not mean...

Playing God #4 - Putting it Together

  • 0
Alright, after the last exercise our playstyle is known. What do we do with that knowledge? This is where we go shopping for systems. Choice of system is really vast today, compared to past times...

Review of Way of the Wicked (Book Two: Call Forth Darkness) by Fire Mountain Games

  • 4
Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Gary McBride Fire Mountain Games

Experience Point: New Faces = Great Ideas

  • 2
My gaming group is what you might call “stable”. Our “new guy” has been gaming with us for 18 years. My best friend is somebody whom I’ve been playing RPG’s with for 30 years. Some might say we...

3G: Growing Up Cali, the Great Smokey Mountains, and Greenwich Mean Time

  • 0
In 2002, some WizOs and patrons got together to start a D&D campaign. Ergeheilalt, Tisca, and myself agreed to DM the campaign in a round-robin format, trading off between adventures...

Pretty Darn Fun (A look at new PDFs)

  • 0
This week we are adding a new section to the column; you can see it near the end of the article. RPGs and PDFs sometimes run in themes; the first three publications are all inter-related, but...

3G: Go, Go, Gadget Bohemian Earspoon!

  • 1
Technology has always been a part of D&D. Don Kaye, a friend of Gary Gygax’s in his original campaign, created the character of Murlynd, who wore a Stetson and sported twin six-shooters...

Ten Ways to Make Treasure Cool

  • 11
<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:RelyOnVML/> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]-->Every GM at some point is faced with the conundrum of coming up...

3G: Ginnifer Goodwin and Gallifrey

  • 0
As a 12-year-old, I spent every waking moment crafting D&D adventures for my friends to play. The older I got, however, the less time I had to devote to creating encounters from scratch...

Family Gamers: When the Little Ones cry…

  • 1
Note: Just want to remind everyone that input, criticism, etc is welcome and appreciated. I noticed last week’s article wasn’t read by many. Are you getting tired? Do I need a new direction? Was...
Where are you? The hotbeds of tabletop gaming! [Top 500 cities in post #32]
  • 44
Where are you? Actually, don't tell me - I'll tell you where you are. Not you, specifically, of course - but "you" as an anonymised aggregate. "What's Morrus blathering on about this time?" is...

Review of Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles (Core Set)

  • 1
Reported. Cheers, Colin

Gamehackery: The Initiative Initiative

  • 8
One of my gadget-strewn quests over years of gaming has been finding a good way to track initiative. I've seen a lot of methods -- and everyone loves what they're doing (or doesn't obsess about...

Experience Point: The Zeigarnik Effect

  • 7
Do you know who Bluma Zeigarnik is? Well if you don’t then you should totally click on that link because, in addition to be awfully pretty (as Russian scientists go), she did some really...

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