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Review of Kobold Quarterly Issue #19 (Fall 2011) by Open Design

As the seasons change, and with the year of 2011 nearly done in, it’s time for the final issue...

Review of Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium by WotC

So after gushing about this book for several paragraphs, you gave it 3.75 because of the...

Pathfinder Review: Tome of Horrors Complete

I loved the d20 version of this book and am proud to have it on my shelf. I am very interested...

Review of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine by THQ

Having almost completed the singleplayer mission I have to say that what impresses me the most...
4 Hours w/RSD - Introducing Undermountain (Ryan Dancey)
The past six columns I’ve been laying the groundwork to talk about my own personal home game and...
Retroclones and Older D&D Editions
Retroclones and Older D&D Editions There are many out there who enjoy the style and feel of older editions of D&D. While it's certainly possible to find these products on eBay and the like, you may not be aware of the concept of a retroclone. A retroclone is a game that is compatible with, and heavily based on, an unsupported game or unsupported edition of a game.

Review of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale by WotC

Thanks for the review! You have made my mind up to purchase the product. Overall, I have liked...
4 hours w/ RSD: Get Some Feedback
The bulk of this month’s column is going to talk about development choices and marketing for...
4 Hours w/ RSD - Let's Have a Flamewar!
Lets Have a Flamewar! I have, from time to time, been accused of making comments designed to...
4 Hours w/ RSD - Take Note
Notes for Every GM and Player A Call to Action for GMs! I have a couple of old 1st edition...

A semi-brief history of D&D and some other RPGs: 1980-1989

Continued from...
4 Hours w/ RSD: Realtime
Realtime and the Game When we were working on 3rd Edition, one of the questions that we...

4 Hours w/ RSD: Who Am I?

Who Am I & How Did I Get Here? Greetings! It’s been a while since I’ve been an active member...
4 Hours w/RSD: Who Is Sitting At Your Table
Who Is Sitting At Your Table? This might seem like a simple question to answer. Usually, you...

Off to see the Wizards: The day that WotC showed me D&D 5th Edition

This is one of three articles covering this announcement. The other two articles are WotC Seeks...

Review of Good Little Children Never Grow Up by Sneak Attack Press

Thanks for the review! Just want to let you know that I've fixed the cover so it now reflect...
Ryan Dancey on the Goals of the Open Gaming License
The purpose of the OGL was to act as a force for change. In that sense I think it is an...

iPhone / iPod / Android Applications for RPGs

KMonster | a dnd 4e tool for android | KSheet | dnd 4e character sheet app for...

Who to follow on Twitter

You can find Jon Brazer Enterprises at @JonBrazerEnt

A semi-brief history of D&D and some other RPGs: 1967-1979

Now substantially revised. Thanks to everyone for their input. 1967 Braunstein is developed...
Mike Breault on Lorraine Williams
Originally posted by TSR employee Mike Breault on Knights & Knaves Alehouse (link no longer exists; recovered via Wayback Machine and archived here): OK, so here goes. I'm going to add new tidbits as I have time and think of them, but here are a few to start. Keep in mind that except where I say I witnessed things or was told them by Lorraine, these are essentially rumors (but fun nonetheless).

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