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    I'm certainly having a great time DMing it. It's a fun group.

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    Oh, I'm around, most days.
    I have my moments. Did anyone see this bit BenBrown put together?

    Quote Originally Posted by BenBrown View Post
    "Greetings, stranger," H L says to Kane, "The valiant Noriaki," she mimes swinging a huge sword, "the staunch Castile," she stands sturdily as if swinging an axe, "the noble Takahaan," she portrays a lunging sword thrust, "and the inspiring Captain Dartmoor," she moves her arm forward as if ordering troops to charge, "have all made their names known to you. It shall be my duty to present to you the rest."

    She taps twice on her drum, and introduces the others, pointing to them in turn.

    "This personage is Aerys, she is known to follow the sea." *tap* "She also has a taste for music."

    "Next is Alkas, who has also been a sailor." *tap* "He now carries a big hammer."

    "Sasha with the red hair is a student." *tap* "She is also fond of hunting."

    "Jade was a prisoner" *tap* "Held in manacles against his will."

    "Gelik has learned not to trust shifty merchants." *tap* "He is fond of grumbling."

    "Ishirou is, like many of us, from the Kingdom of Jade." *tap* "He practices the virtue of silence."

    "and I am H L!" *tap* "Traveler!" *tap* "Musician!" *tap* "Entertainer!"

    "We have come to this place by a strange adventure, which I will now tell."

    She beats her drum quietly and rhytmically as she chants, swaying back and forth as she describes the ocean, dodging back and forth as she describes the battles, and looking solemn as she describes the deaths.

    "From Daunton we set forth, sailing on a ship
    A fine ship, plying the seas on a journey of but a day.
    But the treachery of the Shifting Sea took the ship, took us
    And left us here on this island of ill-omened legend.
    We awoke on the island, lying on the sand,
    Lying there, our belongings stacked beside us,
    Lying there as though placed by some unknown hand.
    There were creatures from the sea, creatures with grasping pincers.
    We fought them off, then gathered our things
    Along the shore, there was the wreck of the ship we sailed on
    Lying there upon the rocks, the waves lapping around it.
    Those who are strong among us, they braved the rocks,
    Braved the rocks and climbed out to the ship.
    They found the crew dead, their bodies strewn on deck.
    Climbing back to shore, they brought what goods they could,
    But still we had no water, save that of the sea.
    So to find water, we came inland, searching for a source.
    Then came the spiders, and now we have reached this place.

    "And now we are met here," she concludes. "Pray, tell us how you came to this place."

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    I've had a lot of fun so far in my Knight in d'Argent Manor game () and the below post stood out to me as quite an awesome description of the illusory spells. Also, CrimsonFlameWielder has had some excellent ones of his Malakai sorcerer, even with some terrible rolls....

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil1889 View Post
    Lilli sees disaster looming and breaks cover from the hedge.

    Reaching into herself, she brings forth her most improved spell and weaves it seemlessly into another.

    Suddenly, the minds of many of her foes are distracted by a huge pile of gold that she seemingly brings forth from nowhere. They can't resist and all run and dive headlong into it!

    Her enscorcelled foes are seemingly careless with their weapons and accidentally discharge them or strike their companions in their eagerness to grab as much of the gold as they can; one crossbowmen shoots his innocent companion in the chest just before an eager dwarf accidentally bashes in his head in turn with a flailing morningstar. The others look on in horror as they grab more gold and stuff it into their pockets.


    Move action = Lilli moves from S35 to V33.

    Standard action = Lilli casts:

    Visions of Avarice (Daily Standard Area burst 5 within 10 squares Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Zone)
    Target: Each enemy in burst.
    Attack: +9 vs. Will
    Hit: The target is pulled up to 4 squares towards the zone. If the primary target is then in the zone or adjacent to it, the target is immobilised (save ends).
    Effect: The burst creates a zone in the origin square. The zone lasts until the end of your next turn. You then make the primary attack.
    Sustain: Minor Action. The zone persists until the end of your next turn and you can make the Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack.

    Minor action: Lilli Sustains the spell ready for the Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack which can be used next turn.

    OK, so Lilli weaves Visions of Avarice and places the zone in square V28. To Hit rolls start with the Dragonborn (DB1) in V31, then the Human in U26, then the scrub in Y28 (the other's scrubs aren't affected due to Line of Effect), followed by the Dwarf (D1) in Z28.

    To Hit rolls and where they get moved to:

    Dragonborn = Total to Hit: 20. Willpower: 20. Gets pulled to square V28 (the zone square, highlighted in orangey-gold).
    Human = Total to Hit: 26. Willpower: 19. Gets pulled to square V27.
    scrub = Total to Hit: 24. Willpower: 18. Gets pulled to square W27.
    Dwarf = Total to Hit: 23. Willpower: 19. Gets pulled to square W28.

    The dwarf is granting combat advantage to Lilli due to her Phantasmal Echoes feat from last turn, ergo the extra +2 to hit included in the roll for him. Now, the spell normally pulls 3 squares, but Lilli has a feat called Orb Expertise which increases this up to 4, but he's a dwarf so I can theoretically move him one square less, which is back to 3 squares.

    All of these are now subject to Feat:

    Phantom Echoes: When you use an arcane illusion power and hit a target, you gain combat advantage against that target until the end of your next turn. If the illusion power has an effect that a save can end, you instead gain combat advantage against the target until it saves against that effect.

    Also, their saving throws against being Immobilised are penalised due to another Feat:
    Lotte, Lilli's familiar in Passive mode, grants : Enemies take a -1 penalty to saving throws against your arcane powers that immobilise or slow them.

    ACTION POINT - Standard action = Lilli casts Nightmare Eruption at the Scrub now in square W27 after it was pulled by the Visions. Total to Hit (including combat advantage from above): 20 versus Willpower 18.

    This kills the scrub in square W27 and the scrub who was stood minding his own business in X27. (I've labelled them dead on the Google Docs map for now).

    The others, that is the Human, the Dragonborn and Dwarf, all take 5 points of damage from being next to scrub in W27.

    Nightmare Eruption (At Will Standard Ranged 10 Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Psychic)
    Target: One creature
    Attack: +9 vs. Will
    Hit: 1d8+6 Psychic damage and any enemy adjacent to the target takes 5 Psychic damage.

    Potential Immediate actions:
    If hit by an attack and the use of the Shield spell will ward it off, Lilli will use:

    Shield (Encounter Immediate Interrupt Personal Arcane, Force)
    Trigger: You are hit by an attack.
    Effect: You gain a +4 power bonus to AC and Reflex defense until the end of your next turn.

    If Lilli becomes bloodied during a sequence of attacks and it looks like more attacks are incoming in the same turn, Lilli will use:

    Fade Away (Encounter Immediate Reaction Personal Illusion (Racial Ability))
    Trigger: You take damage.
    Effect: You are invisible until you attack or until the end of your next turn.



    Female Gnome Illusionist Wizard, Level 5.
    Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: 13, Passive Insight: 18. Senses: Low-light vision.
    AC:18, Fort: 13, Reflex: 17, Will: 17.
    HP: 38/38, Bloodied: 19, Surge Value: 9, Surges left: 7/7
    Speed: 5 squares. Size: Small. Languages: Eladrin, Allarian, Draconic. Dwarven.
    Saving Throw Bonuses: +5 Racial bonus against illusions.
    Action Points: 0
    Fade Away
    Second Wind
    Ghost Sound
    Mage Hand
    Orb of Deception
    Use Vulnerability
    Illusory Ambush
    Nightmare Eruption
    Grasping Shadows
    Horrid Whispers
    Maze of Mirrors
    Visions of Avarice (USED) [Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack - Not used yet!]
    Majestic Word
    Orb of Far Seeing - Encounter Power
    Orb of Far Seeing -Daily Power
    Feyleaf Sandals - Daily Power

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