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    Gamers Wanted: Los Angeles Based GM in Search of Players, Host

    Hi all. I'm a long time gamer who has mostly run games for friends, but I'd like to find a dedicated squad of players I can DM for and maybe even occasionally play for. To be clear though, I'm mostly a GM/DM these days and that's where the majority of my fun is. I currently live in Inglewood...
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    Are There Any Games Designed for Play-by-Post or Email?

    I'm wondering if there has every been a roleplaying game (or even a strategy game) specifically designed to be played over the Internet in a play-by-post or play-by-email fashion. I'm sure it would be a super niche product, I'm just wondering if it exists anywhere.
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    5E [Dark Sun] How Would YOU Handle Defiling in 5e?

    I'm starting a new play-by-post campaign set in Athas, and I'm not sure how to handle arcane defiling given the 5e rules. Rather than put forward my own house rules, I thought I'd solicit ideas from you fine folks. I know I want it to be mechanically powerful, since there are significant social...
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    [5e] Dark Sun Backgrounds

    Continuing the home brew binge for my upcoming 5e Dark Sun game, here's my best attempt at some classic Athasian backgrounds. Critiques welcome. Templar Templars are the hand-picked enforcers of the sorcerer-king's will in the city-states. Called nganga in Gulg, praetors in Balic, or simply...
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    [5e] Dark Sun Wild Talents

    Urgent feedback requested! I'm about to start recruiting players for a high-intrigue game set in Dark Sun. Dark Sun's my favorite setting, but with no real information for running it with 5e rules (which I think I vastly prefer to 4e), I've had to homebrew. A lot. Hoo-boy. Since I'm homebrewing...
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    5E Help Me Grok Slaad

    So I've never really understood the slaad. MM descriptions of them seem dominated by their weird, overly complex body-horrorish reproduction. Which is cool and all, but I'm wondering how to use them in an adventure, and what they act like in character. What motivates them? What do they act like...
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    5E What Exactly is a Weapon Attack?

    I'm interested in creating a Figher 3/Monk 17 who takes the Champion Archetype. I'm wondering if his expanded crit range would apply to his unarmed attacks. The Monster Manual seems to use "weapon attack" to apply to a wide range of attacks, including things like claw attacks, but I'm not sure...
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    New to Los Angeles, Seeking a Group for 5e

    I'm brand new to the LA area and looking for a group to play with on the weekends. I played 4e for a few years, but I've currently made the jump to 5e and I'm only really interested in playing 5e. I'm also kind of a Shadowrun fan and I'm always willing to try out a new system, but for the most...
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    Super-Specific Rules Question: Fire Resist, Flamewall Strike, and Phoenix Step

    I'm building a character, a hybrid Swordmage/Wizard Tiefling with what I think is a pretty clever little defensive combo; using Flamewall Strike to trigger Phoenix Step. My only concern is that the trigger for Phoenix Step is "You take fire damage." Since he's a Tiefling and has Fire...
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    4E Would you still play 4e?

    Searching through all 500 pages or errata so I can update whatever power/monster/item I plan on using? No thanks. Without DDi, I would personally find 4e unplayable. Hope they don't switch it off, though (at least keep it in a "frozen" state), because I'm actually a pretty big fan of 4e...
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    Elan Fluff?

    I'm considering taking the Elan Heritage feat for a Dark Sun character, but I haven't been able to track down a copy of Psionic Power to read and find out what exactly an Elan is. Can somebody give me the broad strokes of what an Elan is? Specifically, if it is at all appropriate for a Dark Sun...
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    Elementalists and Elemental Escalation

    I like the flavor of the Elementalist Sorcerer, and I'm currently trying to build one. Are the scaling benefits of Elemental Escalation intended to replace or supplement the earlier benefits? I'm pretty sure they're intended to replace, but I'm thinking of Elemental Escalation (Fire) in...
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    Wall of Fire and Forced Movement

    Heard something surprising from my DM lately. I idly mentioned I was interested in taking some forced movement powers so I could slide enemies into my favorite daily, Wall of Fire. That's when he said that I'd need some mighty forced movement to accomplish that. Since if costs three extra...
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    Suggest a System: I Want to Run A Zombie Game...

    ... but I tried and absolutely hated All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Well, "hated" is perhaps too strong a word. I might be willing to give it another shot, and it might've been more about how it was run than the actual system itself. But for the most part, I found character creation and combat way...
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    Planar Planetarium?

    On page 161 of the DMG, there's a great picture of a model of the planes. Does this model have an official name? If not, what would you call this thing? And, perhaps more importantly, can anybody find a picture of it online?