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1000 MORE ways to freak out your players!

Moe Ronalds

First Post
Since the last thread has ended, but some people still have ideas, I have started the second volume! This will more likely than not sink to the bottom of the page, but until that happens, post your ideas! I'll start it off.

1) Stunted, purple and green Tyranna... Tyranno... T-Rexes that sing happy tunes.

2) A monk in a tight red and blue outfit w/ boots of spiderclimb and a wand of web with unlimited charges.

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First Post

3) Start digging through your DMs notebook mumbling something about that beefed up titan.

4) Inform your players the game is going diceless

5) Run an entire session in Shakespearian English

6) Where did I put those new reduced hit point rules

7) Announce that no one will need there books as you have decided that the only rule you need is rule #0

8) Hand them a homebrew book that contains a new battle system and a new magic system (I acctually just did this cause we're playing a low magic setting).

Dark Jezter

First Post
9) Next time you have a session, include The Book of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge in the selection of books you bring. Every now and then, flip through it as though you are looking for something to reference. But never actually use it.

10) Fair and noble orcs defending their homelands against brutal, bloodthirsty elves. :D


First Post
12) Paint your teeth black, where a boot on your head, with an orange speedo.
13) start talking about your last life as the bearded woman in the circus.
14) Ramble to yourself, about forgetting to take your prozac.
15) Enlighten your players about the wonders of Viagra
16) Giggle constantly and roll dice behind your Dm screen.
17) While setting up your station that your Dm from, sit a 9mm Glock 17 next to you on the table.


First Post
19) Have all of the party's missions be told to them by a giant pile of refuse with several levels of diviner. If they try to ask any more questions, a pair of dire rats scream "The Trash Heap has spoken!"

20) Have the Trash Heap send them on missions to pick radishes.

Cake Mage

21)Whenever the PCs kill anything the next day have a funeral for the creature, monter, whatever in the town they stay in and have all the towns people give warm heartfilled speaches about how nice and kind the person/thing was. Make sure to enphasize that the npcs really miss the person/thing.


First Post
22) Ask for a player's character sheet, and look over it. Mumble, write something, and nod. Hand it back. Continue to do this for the rest of the session.

23) As 22, but change the name on the sheet. Call the character by the new name.

Moe Ronalds

First Post
24) Come to the game with your mouth/nose covered in face paint. Act dazed and high. Let your players see empty spray-paint bottles all over the floor. (shamelessly stollen from Penny Arcade)

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