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13th Age 13th Age and Eldritch Might Bards for 5e?


Knight of Solamnia
Two of my favorite pre-5e sources for bards are Monte Cook's alternate bard in the Complete Book of Eldritch Might, as well as the excellent bard found in 13th Age. What I'm wondering is how one might convert those two sources to use with the 5e bard.

Personally, I love the idea of spellsongs. I love how Monte Cook's bard has spellsongs broken down into spellnotes, spellchords, and spellmelodies.

For the 13th Age bard, I like the way they utilize spellsongs with the final verse ability, spellcasting, and battle cries. I suspect that battle cries will have to be utilized by multiclassing with the battle master fighter.

So any thoughts on how to adapt those materials to work well with the 5e bard?
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