Unearthed Arcana 16 New UA Feats: THE POLL!

Which of the new UA Feats do you like?


Limit Break Dancing
Required Reading: Unearthed Arcana 2020: Feats

Now that we've all had a chance to read and discuss the new UA feats, I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of them. So I made a super-simple poll!
  • If you like a feat--maybe you think its interesting, you think it might be fun, etc.--vote for it.
  • Otherwise, don't vote for it.
  • As always, add any nuance or clarifications in the comments.
  • "Lemon Curry" is for those who don't like any of the options, and wanted to vote as such. Or for those who just want to be silly.
EDIT: Understand that this is not the official WotC survey, nobody from WotC will ever see this, and thus these votes will have absolutely no bearing on whether or not any of these feats are included in any official book. If you think it will, and are voting accordingly, you are doing it wrong. This is, and will only ever be, purely a conversation tool. Thanks!
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Limit Break Dancing
For my part, I can see myself using nearly all of them. I'm not excited about the "damage type" ones like Crusher, Piercer, and Slasher, but I might give Poisoner a try because it comes with a tool proficiency.

My favorite one is Shield Training. Without this feat, it feels unfairly difficult to get proficient with shields. I also like Fey Touched and Tracker.
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I'd really like to like the gunner feat because i'd prefer settings with guns but i can see how it would be problematic for groups where a player would grab this out of a book and the DM would be feel like he's being forced to add guns.


I can certainly think of campaigns where firearms would be fitting. My problem with the firearms in the DMG is that they are too good. I would want it to be a stylistic choice to use firearms, not something you choose just because it is better. I guess it's a nod to realism, but I don't need realism.

We allowed pistols in Curse of Strahd, but we just used the stats for hand crossbows.

On Gunner: I actually split this hair pretty narrowly: I don't mind guns in my fantasy, but I don't like guns in my DnD.

I'm not totally sure why that is, but it might come form starting in the late 80's right after DnD started to become it's own IP and not just a mishmash of whatever fantasy tropes the authors last ran into.


I think they're all winners, there isn't a single one I felt wouldn't fit in my game and if any of my players wanted to use one I'd be all for it..

Class Feats. These feats that give you a little bit of power from another class and are a great way to provide a little bit of multiclass flavour. Metamagic adept is great as we finally have a way to allow a little bit of metamagic for other spellcasters. I never really liked that metamagic was locked away in the sorcerer. Tracker is a great feat and I'd be keen to include this on a fighter or barbarian outlander if I didn't want to go full ranger. A lot of people complain about options (whether feats or subclasses) stepping on another classes toes, I am not one of them.

Weapon/Armour Feats. Crusher, piercer, and slasher are another great customisation option. I really like the older UA weapon feats and I'm glad that these could lead to further customisation options for players that tend to stick to a certain weapon. Opening up fighting styles for other classes is also pretty good, I expect many will be taking this for the +2 from archery. Gunner is good, though I'm just as likely to allow crossbow expert to apply to firearms/pistols if I have firearms in the game. Shield training would be great for a mountain dwarf wizard.

Skill Feats. Chef is brilliant, Poisoner is good, and practised expert is similar enough to prodigy which I had already opened up to every race anyway. I think it is a really good addition. I really liked the various skill feats they put out in a UA an age back and was hoping that they'd show up in a book. Maybe these ones will manage to make it in.

Other Feats. Tandem Tactician is a great addition for a warlord feel. Although I'm not opposed to a warlord class, I do feel like the way the designers have split the warlord kit amongst a number of classes is better and a feat like Tandem Tactician could really help cement a character build.

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