[3.5e D&D Greyhawk] The Sunless Citadel [OOC]


Guys, go head and give grid coordinates when you are ready to proceed on your next actions. With Eivan and Brunhilde AFK for a few more days yet, I leave it up to you if you wish to continue right now or wait.

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Alright guys, shutting it down. Couple of reasons:

1. Not sure this was the right mix of players. Maybe different expectations or styles, but the chemistry across the board just wasn't there.

2. I have my doubts about dungeon crawls in the PbP environment. They can get tedious at times, but if the players don't role-play and feed off each other, then it isn't very fun to just post a sentence saying your character went to this square. As near as I can tell, no one was really having a good time for the last several weeks.

3. I have learned a fair amount about the common mentality that seems to be prevalent here at EnWorld. It just doesn't match my published expectations for this game.

On another site, I have 3-4 other groups of players in games that I DM that don't have this problem. Honestly I find myself fortunate that the first game I got into at EnWorld back in the spring has 4 good players and we are still going strong, not even stalling out while players take vacation. I enjoy playing it and I am able to post almost daily or every other day. Unfortunately, that is a unique experience as every other game I have been apart of since falls below that standard. I do not blame the GMs or even individual players for this, I think it is just the culture of this site and the players that are different are hard to find.

If it weren't for the unique settings here that I cannot find elsewhere, I would probably drop most of my games here at EnWorld to free up time to play in games with others that match my style. When I arrived, I was practically begging to play in other peoples' games, but now that is no longer the case. There are plenty of mediocre games around here that need quality players, I just want to play in a few good ones with others that post regularly and with substance. Sadly my attempt at creating one here failed. I don't plan on DMing here anymore, but I will continue to focus on my games as a player to provide the best example I can, hoping others will emulate or feed off of my style.

Happy adventuring. :)


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Well, I was still enjoying it. But ultimately it's up to you.

Thanks for the game, then, and to the rest of you for the adventuring party. Good luck in your next games.

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