[3.5e D&D Greyhawk] The Sunless Citadel [OOC]



“Evil Grows Beneath the Earth”
Why should anyone travel the cracked cobblestones of the Old Road? The fortress that once cast its shadow across the road does so no longer. Some whisper that the earth swallowed the fortress whole in an age long past. Four brave adventurers resolved to discover the truth and set off down the Old Road, but they never returned.
Campaign at a Glance
Setting: World of Greyhawk
Rule Set: D&D 3.5 Edition
Number of Characters: 4 maximum
Party Alignment: Good and Neutral, no evil

Players & Character List
Grufflehead -
Warshrike -
Errandir -
Voda Vosa -

Campaign Overview
The adventures are going to start with The Sunless Citadel and move along to The Forge of Fury. Prior knowledge of either of these adventures disqualifies players from participation.

Due to the nature of PBP format allowing people to participate during their free time on their busy schedules, the expectations is that players are available to normally post once per day or more. With the time zone difference (the DM is in Japan) that usually means turn around for the DM within about 12 hours for major updates, but answers to quick questions potentially sooner.

There is no strict rule on frequency, except during combat rounds. Any extended absence of over 2-3 days should be communicated to the DM as a courtesy (OOC thread, email or PM). If the situation is such that the player’s character is doing nothing or just following along, posts stating such should be used to acknowledge that the player has been reading the other posts and is current on the events in game. Extended lapses in posting by a player can have adverse effects on the group’s enthusiasm for the game. Communication is the key on player absences; the DM can NPC the player for the duration if necessary.

For Combat and other appropriate situations, when it is a player’s turn, or a post is directed at your character requiring a response, you must respond within 24 hours. Failure to do so, without having provided advanced notice of your unavailability, can result in you being dropped from the game. Holding up the game is rude and inconsiderate towards the other players.

Character generation
Character concepts should be approved by the DM, before generating a character sheet. Once a character sheet is approved, the DM will update this thread for the spot being filled.
Characters Start at level 1
Abilities - 30 point buy
Max HP at Level 1
Normal 3.5 creation, except maximum money.
Use any of these resources
- Core 3.5 books or the SRD
- Complete series (Warrior, Arcane, Mage, Divine, Adventurer, Scoundrel)
- Other sources on approval from the DM, but no Psionics

House Rules
Initiative: The DM will be rolling initiative for everyone once combat commences. The players initiative order will be revealed, but not the opponents’ until they have had their first turn. Players can delay their initiative, but they need to post that they are doing so and under what conditions they are waiting for.

Combat Posting: Players will be allowed to post combat actions simultaneously if desired, particularly is their actions are not dependent on another player’s results. Player’s are encouraged to do their own dice rolling (Attack and Damage together) via Invisible Castle and post the BBCode links with their actions. After writing their input during a combat round from a role-playing perspective, the player should clearly indicate what actions (Move Action, Standard Action, Free Action, Full Round Action) were taken. Again when it is a player’s turn, they must respond within 24 hours. Under special circumstances the DM can NPC a player for RL issues as to not hold up the game.

Experience Points and Leveling Up: XP earned by the group during the game will be distributed after every combat encounter. Once the group receives enough XP to level up, they'll be required to complete a day of training (24 hours of uninterrupted rest, meditation, reflection, studying, physical training, etc…) in a town or city. Afterwards, the group will gain the level and character sheets can be updated.

Bonus Experience: To keep leveling up manageable, there will be no individual XP Bonus rewards for skill checks and role-playing. However, everyone is encouraged to do their best to make the game enjoyable for everyone. Good contributions can generate an XP Bonus reward for the entire group based on good role-playing, problem solving, creativity, and cleverness.

Ammunition and Components: Ammunition and certain Spell Components (Such as for the Identify Spell) will be tracked on the character sheets and updated after combat has been completed. Recovered ammunition will also be included in the tracking.

Passive Spot and Listen Checks: Whenever there is something to be detected via Spot and/or Listen (and even possibly Sense Motive) and the players do not specify they are using that skill actively, the DM may secretly roll a passive check (with -4 circumstance penalty for lack of focus). The check itself and negative results will not be reported.

Spoiler Content and Information: When occasions arise where only one player learns something, the PM system will be used to communicate between the player and the DM. The player will then have the responsibility of sharing that information as appropriate in the IC thread.

** Submitting a character concept assumes that candidates have read the above posted Expectations and will comply. **

IC Thread Part 1
Character Sheets Thread

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First Post
If not for the prior familiarity clause, I'd jump on this in a heartbeat. Alas, I've run Sunless several times and am, in fact, currently running it via PbP over on the Asylum.

But, I've never played it and would dearly like to. Ah well, have fun. :D


First Post
*slaps forehead*

Played Sunless, but not Forge of Fury. That's a bummer, because I like your style, as evidenced by the well thought out and organized rules listed here.

I wish you well, and will keep an eye out for other games you may run in the future.


Check back later. Since The Sunless Citadel is a popular adventure I may not get much qualified interest. Honestly I could change the adventure to another one just as easily. My second choice would be The Fright at Tristor, but it wouldn't advance the characters to 3rd level for the Forge of Fury. Ultimately that's where I want to go as I have done the work for Forge of Fury for PBeM already.


First Post
I'm very interested, not having played either of the adventures listed. I also very much like the clarity of the recruitment ad, along with what is expected from the players in terms of posting.

I have no firm character idea in mind, as I'd like to potentially work with other players to come up with a balanced party, with well thought out motivations and reasons for adventuring together. I'm very much of the belief that time spent beforehand reaps dividends once the game starts. I'm happy to play any of the 'roles' in the party if others having a burning desire for a specific type of character.


First Post
I'd like to make an elf ranger for this game, if that'd be OK, I'll go ranged focused. will make a character soon.

EDIT: a quick note on posting frequency: I can post every day most of the day, except Saturday and Sunday morning.
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First Post
This looks very interesting. I'll say up front that I'm still a relatively new D&D player (don't know or have any of the supplemental books you mentioned, for example), but if that doesn't bother any of you, I'd like to give this a shot.

Anyway, I think I'd be interested in playing some sort of spellcaster, since I've never done so before. I'll look through the SRD and try to hammer out an idea sometime soon.


Thy wounds are healed!
As a very old gamer I have played (actual DMed) the aforementioned modules and know them to be very outstanding and fun adventures. And since you have 3 out of the 4 who have never before played those games I think you will get the group you want, (which is a wonder LOL).

No plans to go beyond Forge of Fury? I myself ran a group through the entirerty of those modules all the way to "Bastion of Broken Souls" lvl 18-20 and if I remember correctly "Speaker in Dreams" lvls 5-7 the one after Forge was one of my favorites.

Have fun everyone and I hope all your crit rolls are confirmed, :p



First Post
I'd like to participate in this one. All the greyhawk i've played so far was the ToEE and some custom campaigns, and all in 1st edition.

As for a character concept, i was thinking a multiclassed Half-Orc Barbarian/Cleric.


First For the Candidates: I have begun my screening of you four. I will PM my interview questions shortly. Since the campaign is planned from levels 1-5 (when finished with Forge of Fury) and beyond, it is a significant commitment and I expect players to be in it for the long haul. So I am assuming any candidate selected will be able to properly generate a character sheet, provide background and appearance (with portrait), and work with the others to have a balanced party. I will update the initial post with player names as they are approved.

After I am satisfied and have selected the 4 players then everyone can proceed to building the party and their individual character sheets. Though before anyone starts filling out character sheets I would like the 4 selected players to discuss their roles in a 4 player party as well. Effectively the game will be starting with party building and the players will be integrating their background stories (after I have posted the campaign background in the IC thread). This process will serve as trial of sorts before we really get started adventuring.

Now for you experienced lurkers :cool: (Holy Man, Shayuri, and Crazy Monkey1956): I have another campaign (Saltmarsh Series) being run elsewhere that I might run here for a different group of players. I probably won't start it up until this one is running smoothly. I am a player in a few games here and elsewhere and I need to make sure I can handle the time first. But I can put you all on the shortlist when I do.

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