3PP Release (3rd Party Book Release) Paranormal Power: A Psionics Option for 5e and A5e, written by Steampunkette!


i still don't think they have the legal right to do that, considering nothing in 1.0(a) specifies what it means for an OGL version to be authorized, let alone how to unauthorize such a thing.
They have the right until a court tells them they don't. And I don't know if EN Publishing (or any others) want to face the litigation.

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A5E Designer and third-party publisher
I really hope we get an answer sooner rather than later. Should I even continue to work on my next book at this point?
You can do what I just did and try to really step on the gas. MoAR Battlemages isn't as pretty as the first three volumes, but it's out as of yesterday. Planning to do the same thing with my remaining stuff that's late in the production queue. If your writing/design and editing portions are done, release with reduced art and get a few sales in before the curtain potentially comes down. Your customers, like mine, will understand!

Just saw this, and pledged for $50 immediately. It sounds like you're coming at this from a similar place as my preferences (despite its flaws, The Complete Psionics Handbook is still my favorite D&D iteration of the concept). Looking forward to see how it comes out!


$381 away from the commission for a Nedraz!

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