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4 years of 5E on Amazon: same old same old


Just to be clear I don't disagree that drastically just maybe on best year ever adjusted for inflation. 1983 was a blip for consistency what they are claiming is believable imho.

It's not like corporattions lie though or use the ol from a certain point of view trick. We're only 4 years in even if they announced 6E tomorrow it's another 2 t.o 3 years away so 5E is the longest lasting with edition. The less is more publishing schedule is also great I'm home having just bought 8 items.

Also ironically Pathfinder helped. I have confidence in 3pp due to work the Kobolds and Frog God did for them.

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Actually, shouldn't critical role billboards have its own thread or news item or something?

Lot more newsworthy then, well, at least some of the stuff put on the front page of this site.

Actually, shouldn't critical role billboards have its own thread or news item or something?

Lot more newsworthy then, well, at least some of the stuff put on the front page of this site.
The billboards were related to the start of the second campaign, which was back in January. I don’t recall that getting a lot of attention on this site.


You probably should look at the links you just dismissed as "name dropping on the internet."

None of the three were that. All three concerned quarterly and annual reports. The first was the transcript of a quarterly report call that's done each time with shareholders, and the second and third were interviews with the Hasbro CEO on CNBC's Mad Money show concerning the quarterly report that had just been released and the annual report. He gives some good numbers. His comments are covered by FTC regulations as forward looking statements.

Here are some of those comments from Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner:

"Dungeons & Dragons is seeing its best year ever...People are more into 'Dungeons & Dragons' today than ever before...[Hasbro saw] double-digit new user growth [in the prior year]."

I'm not seeing those nor the links you posted (only source I found was a statement in a local newspaper). Now, if I were invested in it and fully believed what people on this thread wanted me to believe, but if I DON'T see the money from this supposed 5 million more players (1 million more books, more reasonable than the Lowball is even if every single book was sold on Amazon as a core set that would be 1 million x ~$100 = 100 million USD) I might actually be upset if I believed EXACTLY what this thread has me to believe.

This would be reflected in the report.

I've gotten the actual story though now so know what to expect and where to put my expectations. Some types of Marketing is good, I suppose from any viewpoint. At least they aren't doing a TLJ type marketing.

Everything is probably good now. It's interesting to see what people think when they feel they have the best selling game system ever (from what I've seen now, it's a marketing strategy that was used with every edition since 3e, 18 years ago). And, good marketing is...good marketing.

No quarrels anymore with what people say.




Something of interest...that WotC won't release or confirm obviously.

Number of players is an estimate, NOT based on DMGs or core sets sold, but I think PHB's sold.

In estimations, if 1,000,000+ (meaning over) PHB's of 3e were sold with a 5 million player base...that's a 1 to 5 ration.

If 500,000+ - 600,000+ 4e PHB's were sold and the player base was 2.5 to 3 million...that's still around a 1 to 5 ratio

Last year...2.3 million 5e PHB's sold as of the time they told their estimation...

This year they were at 3 million PHBs. The factor ranges from PHB x4 to PHB x5 which at 3 million PHB's sold is around 12 to 15 million Player base estimate depending on which factor you use.

They've sold at least 700,000+ PHBs in that time period...

5e has sold more PHBs than 3e, 3.5e, and 4e combined.

Just some thoughts on numbers...

and for fun...more D&D commercials...first is for the MMO a few years back


And, I was going to post Key and Peele's D&D adventure...but figured it was inappropriate (but very hilarious) for the site...so you'll have to enjoy this one instead...from a year and a half ago...



Though this says nothing about 5e on the whole, in terms of its worth or popularity, 5e D&D has become dead in the water for my TTRPG group.

Halloween Horror For 5E