5E: Converting AD&D Monsters to Fifth Edition


Mulling it over, we've made her a shade more powerful than Adonides but the original monster was a fair bit weaker physically (one 2d6 damage attack and 82 hit points versus two 1d8+8 attacks and 121 hit points) and her spell-like abilities weren't that much better for combat.

That might argue for us shaving her Hit Points and combat abilities down a bit to make Baalphegor Challenge 20 (25,000).

Also, why does my Working Draft have DEX 26? Your Rough Draft has DEX 18.

I'll update the Baalphegor Working Draft.

…OK, with those changes she is CR 21 (33,000) with Resistances as desired.

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Upon reflection, I don't care for her STR being so much higher than her DEX. I like her having a lower STR than DEX like the earlier version. She's a beguiler not a powerhouse.

How about we give her, say STR 19 (+4), DEX 21 (+5) instead?

I could even see us going lower, like STR 17 (+3), STR 15 (+2) or even lower.

An Erinyes has STR 18 and a Succubus has a mere STR 8, for comparison.

That'd change her Saving Throws to DEX +12 from DEX +11 but won't affect any other numbers since all her melee attacks can be DEX-based.

Casimir Liber

ok gone with STR 19 DEX 21 (I can't picture her being weaker than STR 18 TBH.)

(also - what is difference between green and pink text?)
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So leaving her at 230hp then? Was trying to follow yr thought processes...

Dang it, I put the wrong HD and CON in the Calculator plus I suspect I frelled up the contribution of her Bonus Actions and Legendary Actions.

Will redo it by hand…

…OK, assuming my calculations are correct she comes out to:

Challenge 23 with Immunities flagged
Challenge 22 with Resistances flagged
Challenge 19 without Immunities & Resistances​

In an encounter I'd guesstimate she'd perform like a creature with "Resistances" tagged, so Baalphegor is more like CR 22 than CR 21.

For Challenge 21 and Resistances tagged, she'd need to have a couple fewer hit dice for Hit Points 207 (18d8 + 126) or CON 22-23 and a step lower Constitution modifier for Hit Points 210 (20d8 + 120).

Or if you'd rather not reduce the Hit Points we could reduce the necrotic damage of her rapier to 4d6 necrotic and leave all the other numbers as they are, including the tail's 4d10 poison. That'd also make her Challenge 21.

Alternatively, we could make the rapier 4d8 necrotic and her tail 4d6 poison for the same DPR.

Any lower than that and we'd risk making Baalphegor CR 20 which'd require us me to recalculate a whole swathe of numbers as her Pro Bonus will become +6.

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