5E: Converting Monsters from White Dwarf Magazine for Fifth Edition


Other ones I mused on converting were/are the Ice Maiden and Gazer (from WD14), Melodemon (WD20), Shim-Shari (WD29),

It doesn't make much difference to me, so which one would you like to start with?

Don't remember much about the Ice Maiden or Shim-Shari, would have to look them up.

The Gazer was a one-trick pony, plus the original statistics and description are so bare-bones we don't have much to work with. Although I guess that'd help make it a quick conversion!

I've long thought the Melodemon was a cool monster, so if you want a tiebreaker I'd pick that one over the beholderkin.

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Yeah I liked the Melodemon...will take a look at it once we've cleared finished some of the half-done critters.

Yeah. There's quite a backlog.

Some have been left unfinished for a while, like the Black Locust.

At least we're getting through the 5E conversions faster than Freyar and I have been working on the 3E ones. Some of those were started literally years ago.

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