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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

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Steve Gorak

"Excuse me, heroes? Do you need me to continue on with you into the castle? I-I-I think I'd like to make sure Sir Ralph and everyone is comfortable outside..."
Selythin nods at Page’s consideration and answers: “your magic was critical in the fight we just had, and will be missed in the upcoming ones. The choice is yours, but our chances of success will be less if you leave”.

With that, he winces from the pain as the magical energy strikes him when he opens the door. He then looks at why is on the the other side of the door.



(Nice save! Just to make it very clear, Steve, Page is a fey NPC from Alan's original story. She is human size and appearance. She might have more info on the castle as you go, but is a non-combatant.)

(Eovin, on the other hand, is a fey-pixie PLAYER. She was the one casting spells actually. She's a combatant and quite sassy. I believe she's still posting and I will assume she's flying along with Selythin, Alan, and Sirocco.)

(Going forward I'll keep playing Page and cousin Zenythin following the party. Ralph and the human NPCs are now outside.)

(Selythin, remember to take half damage from the save.)

The energy stung, but dissipated as it shot through the elven prince's arms as he wrenched the iron-banded door wide. Eovin the pixie's ball of light illuminated another stairway curving away into the darkness. A dank, cold wind blew up from the lower level, ruffling everyone's hair and prickling skin.

As soon as the door's long, loud creaking noise stopped there was an eerie silence. Page moved closer to Selythin and Alan, now at the newly opened doorway. Zenythin glanced back into the cellar behind them.

From above, echoing down the stairwell leading to the top of the castle, the heroes could hear cackling laughter. It was quiet and distant, barely audible over the faint whistling of the wind from the lower recesses of the castle dungeon.

* * *

Steve Gorak

OOC: apologies regarding the confusion ;-)

Selythin raises his shield and tells his companions “We were victorious against three demons, it will take much more than cackling to break our resolve!”

He then presses on, leading the advance.

Alan advanced with the others, distraught at the surge of energy that hit his companion. He had his sword out, wary.

"Page, do you... recognize, that voice? It doesn't sound friendly."


Page clung to Alan's arm as they spoke in hushed tones, following closely behind Selythin as he lead the way down the winding stairs. "N-n-no! I don't know..." She made a grimace in the funky light of Eovin's magic. "W-who could it be? This kingdom...the queen...we never had any enemies before...Only old stories...Wait!"

Page stopped mid-step. "Maybe...oh deary...There's an old story, but I was never a good student...We always thought it was just stuff ADULTS made up to scare us KIDS...Long ago...uh..."

Everyone hunched together in the narrow stairwell.

She scrunched up her features, thinking hard. It was hard for her to keep completely quiet. "The story said...A long, long time ago the old king and queen...they made a deal with the Lords of Chaos...to create the kingdom...to BE the rulers of this land and that one day...at the end of the beginning...that the Lords of Chaos would come and reclaim their kingdom...but that's a STORY...so..."

The young elf handmaiden shrugged. "Sorry! I'm not good at story telling..." She gritted her teeth.

There was a moment of silence after the rapidly whispered tale.

From below the huddled group, through a partially open door, the sounds of snoring could be heard.

(As you proceed into the lower floor I need a STEALTH check from everyone.)

* * *

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters