(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
He heard voices up ahead. Saw movements on top of the horse-drawn cart.

"Hey! That's the--" "Shhh!" "Maybe that's the Champion?" "That's not him, he's got a white mustache and beard!" "Oh no! Just as the tough, tiny lady flew away..."

The satyr paused and ducked behind a tree.

"Why are you hiding? Do the forces of Chaos usually trundle about in carts?"

Ralph watches the cart and those in it, not particularly concerned if he's seen.

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William Smith1

Rock looked around for what seemed to be the thousandth time. Behind him the spire with its donut city hovering high above, ahead where Sylvania should be was nothing but charred forest. A thin haze of smoke surrounded him. He laughed to himself, Humph, ‘Rock’, how that nickname stuck even in his head. His little sister could not pronounce his real name – Sirocco, calling him Sir Rocko. His friends condensed this to Rock to tease him about his hard head. Rock could beat the best of them at their head butting contests as their tribe wandered the Hinterlands. How simple it had seemed back in Sigil to travel the Outlands once again and find his old tribe, reconnect with his brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends. Those that did not want to explore the planes like him. Who were content to live the lives of simple Bariaur frolicking in the Hinterlands and ignoring the swirl of the planes around them. No, Rock was an explorer, a seeker of something, he knew not what. When he finally discovered the City of Doors he finally felt like he had found the place he was looking for. The Sensates taught him that to achieve ones destiny he must ‘experience’ many things. Rock explored the planes with gusto, visiting not only those planes that were ‘safe’ but also those lower planes where the Demons and Devils laired. He experienced many things both terrifying and sublime. Each time he returned to Sigil he recorded those experiences at the Civic Festhall for any who were too timid to actually travel to the places he had been. Once Factol Erin Montgomery even suggested he become a Factor of the Faction. Rock declined thinking that position would restrict his travels. All was well until the portals started going barmy. Some stopped working at all and some went to places they had not gone before. Was the Lady herself going barmy? The Bleakers thought so but they did not risk her wrath by publishing their theories in the Tempus Sigilian. Rock had friends and acquaintances in most of the factions, although he tended to avoid the Mercykillers and the Hardheads. Even more determined to return to the Hinterlands, Rock worked with Lissandra the Gatekeeper for weeks until they found a portal that would take him to the Outlands. He gladly paid Lissandra her jink and after securing the gate key from Alluvius Ruskin, he leaped through to the Outlands. What he found there was not what he expected. Instead of the land he remembered with its infinite variety, he only found decay, death, and destruction. Even travel from place to place seemed to take much longer than it had before. He was about to give up and find a way back to Sigil when…..

Steve Gorak

Selythin surveyed his troops and looked at the ennemies they could be facing: two giant monsters and a fiend. It would be a bloodbath unless the circumstances change, somehow. Perhaps subterfuge was an option, but that was a huge risk.

are you all armed?” He asked. He put his bow, arrows and his javelins on thebottom of the boat for the taking. “Lay low and listen. We need information, but the monsters over there may outmatch us. Let’s keep an eye on that cart, there may be allies or foes

"Hello, I'm right in front of you," Eovin says to Selythin floating lower to the ground. "I came from the cart and it doesn't contain anyone who can stand up to the ogre, let alone the fiend. Did you notice the troll? We should avoid those monsters. Maybe row your boat to the castle."

Steve Gorak

OOC: i am assuming robin is not a visible, please let me know if that isn’t the case

Selythin looks at the diminutive fey in surprise, but a stern resolve come over him: “You are right. Do your friends on the cart need a lift to the castle? It may be the safest path for them. Also, can you listen in on the monsters and report what they say? You may be better equipped than us to escape detection”

As the cart catches up to the boat Eovin introduces the humans she knows to the people she just met. "These carters are not up to fighting those monsters over there, I think. If we could...." Her voice trails off as the fey who were on the boat see Alan and Page for the first time.

"Good, they aren't my problem any more. I'll go scouting." She flies off toward the stands to see if the ogre and troll are still talking.

OOC: Hope I didn't take too many liberties there.


"You're a pixie," said Alan flatly, unbelieving.

Then, as he watched the pixie go off, he felt the urge to shout and ask if this pixie knew Page, and then thought better of it. Instead, he turned to Selythin. "I'm not armed, no. Do you have a rapier? It's a long, thin sword, about this big."


Ralph Crenshaw chided the satyr for hiding. The horned guy rolled his eyes and huffed, pointing to his right at a corpse in a little clearing (Laynard from Eovin's caravan, for those keeping score).

"Chaos can be ANYTHING Sir Champion. Best be careful..."

Crenshaw, though, was out in the open. He watched as a little pixie (Eovin) descended to the cart and spoke. The cart, horses and all the fey-folk went on their way toward the riverbank. The little fairies waved at Ralph as the cart rolled away.

They turned and continued northward.

The little pixie flew forward and made contact with prince Selythin and his boat-load of companions. Zenythin watched it all unfold with a bemused expression.

The satyr looked at Sir Ralph as the cart trundled away toward the group at the boat. He shrugged and ran to follow the Dreaming Knight who was chasing.

Jim and Bo stood sheepishly waving at Page, Alan Oake, and Bradrick.

These mundane humans were surrounded by half-a-dozen fey-folk of various shapes and sizes. They immediately started to talk over and at one another.

"That's Page! Did she find the princess?" "Is THAT the princess?" "Do you think this take-charge pixie is related to Aov?" "Is that Gunther behind us with the mustache-less-champion?"

Page climbed out of the boat and ran to the group of fey on the cart. They were all smiling and laughing.

Eovin continued her discussion with those gathered. Some of the lil fey-folk waved behind the cart as Ralph and the satyr approached.

"Hey, Champion! Where's yoo mustache?" "Gunther! This is bad!" "Gunther, this lady gonna help us!" "These elves too!"

* * *



The man at the entrance to the ship looked at Josiah Jones and Kaylee.

"Some cargo...to be unloaded at destination. We've got room for one or two more capable working men."

He kept looking at Jones, trying to sort SOMETHING out with his tiny brain.

"Go on up. Ask for Mr. Brown. He'll give you orders...Next!"

Jones went up the ramp, Kaylee/Infiri at his side. Asking for Mr. Brown led them toward a tiny office on the crew deck.

As Josiah walked and looked around he started to get a bad feeling about the ship.

Crates were being loaded through bay doors on the main deck. Both Kaylee and Jones could hear noises coming from inside the cargo containers.

"It's gotta be people in there. I may be running but this injustice cannot stand." Kaylee looked extremely angry. Jones could see fire behind her eyes.

"This is a slave ship. And my brothers make ME hide. Look at what they allow..."

They approached the office door. On the outside, in flaking lettering it read: Crew Management, Horatio Brown

* * *

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