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Steve Gorak

Selythin looks at the cart full of feus. What are we getting involved with? he muses to himself sarcastically. He sighs in acceptance of he situations, and signals to all the folk in the cart to come to the boat.

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(Sirroco didn't see Eovin. I was wrong. The ogre, troll, and mezzo-demon didn’t pay attention. You’re still hidden. If you guys want better stealth or perception include dice rolls for those. I’ve been going off of passive ability scores.)
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(Double-checked ability scores. Eovin was NOT seen by Sirocco after perching on the benches for a moment to talk. Her stealth, even passive, was better than the bariur ranger's perception. Admitting I was just trying to tie you all together. Apologies. I like to keep it copasetic with everyone. Editing the above post too.)

OOC: I have no problem with him spotting Eovin at the bleachers. But after taking off she was making sure not to be spotted by the giants and demon so they couldn't find their way to the boat. In any case...

"So what's the plan. Head toward the castle?" Eovin asks as she sees the carters and faeries boarding the boat.


The fey clamored aboard the small-ish boat. So did Jim and Bo and Bradrick, making the craft wobble wildly in the water.

Zenythin stayed along the bank, peeking through the burnt woods at the bleachers bearing the drunken one-eyed ogre and naughty word-faced troll. The mezzoloth had gone off into what was left of the forest toward the north. The pair of loud-mouths staggered and stumbled down the benches onto ground level.

"So wait...which way to round two?" The ogre bellowed then belched loudly.

"Should we follow the bug fellow toward the river styx? I seem to remember there being a gateway around HERE somewhere...hic...Can't recollect exactly..." The troll staggered indiscriminately toward the river to the east. He threw the empty barrel toward the water, but failed to meet his mark.

Cousin Zenythin looked at Selythin, attempting to read his thoughts.

* * *

Sirocco, the bariur ranger, continued to wind and hide his way through the trees. He was watching the laughing, robed figure on the battlements. Rocko was getting a serious 'evil wizard' vibe.

He looked around for any other signs of Sylvania or any other part of Arborea for that matter. It seemed he was in the fey-wild or maybe the fey-dark...Things didn't seem right. He kept clip-clopping quietly to see more.

The river ran to either side of the castle ruin. It was rushing along at a quick pace. Rocko doubted he could swim it without being carried far along the river past the keep. His bow could reach, but he wouldn't hit without the help o'the gods.

If only he had a boat. Or, perhaps, he could track back upstream and swim from a better vantage point, landing on the castle's island.

* * *

William Smith1

Sirocco seeing that he cannot ford the river here decides to back track upstream and see if he can find a slower and more easily crossed area. He will not go as far as the Ogre and Troll however. Thinking again to himself, "Maybe that Wizard has a clue, evil or not he may have the dark of it. Gotta find a way to get to him and see if he will rattle his bone box about things."


"They're the ones that burned down the castle?"

Alan looked to Page, his demeanor grim. "If someone would be so kind as to lend me a sword? I have some pointed questions to ask them when we get in range."


Bradrick reached for a couple of javelins. Jim grabbed the bow and quiver at the bottom of the boat. All the gathered humans and fey looked at one another in anticipation of trouble.

Page stared back at Alan. "They must be the bastards who did this...pardon my fey-dark..."

Zenythin steered the rowboat along the eastern edge of the river, as far as possible from the monsters on the far bank.

The boat inched up the river. Everyone aboard could still see through the smoke along the water. The ogre with an eye-patch and green-skinned troll staggered drunkenly off the bleachers and toward the water.

They were still oblivious. And slow. They kept stopping to laugh and jibe each other.

At a very casual pace the ogre and troll made their way to the river edge and headed south.

Meanwhile, the very-full row-boat continued north, toward the pair's very position.

* * *

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