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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP


Sirocco continued to watch from a hidden spot.

He watched as the drunk monsters got off their bench, chucking their containers of ale toward the river.

The ranger watched as the pair argued about which way and where to go for what reason and why. They bickered about where the 'next round was to be played' and whether 'chaos had this in the bag or not'.

He followed a safe distance, but lingered near the castle ruins in the middle of the rushing river.

Rocko could see a boat approaching from the south, through some smoking trees. The ogre and troll were heading in the opposite direction, toward the boat, although the monsters hadn't noticed a damn thing.

The bariur ranger hesitated.

* * *

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Crates were being loaded through bay doors on the main deck. Both Kaylee and Jones could hear noises coming from inside the cargo containers.

"It's gotta be people in there. I may be running but this injustice cannot stand." Kaylee looked extremely angry. Jones could see fire behind her eyes.

"This is a slave ship. And my brothers make ME hide. Look at what they allow..."

They approached the office door. On the outside, in flaking lettering it read: Crew Management, Horatio Brown

Josiah knocked.

After a few moments they were immitted into a small space containing a desk and a few chairs. A sweaty little man greeted them with beady eyes. He looked nervous.

"Here for work then? Standard rate applies. Sure you're not wanting to part with the goods here. Could make a sale and an honest week's work... Attractive offer to any..."

Kaylee looked at Jones who grunted and made it a point that the small one in his care wasn't for sale or anything else.

The voyage set out into the deep ocean. Josiah heard rumblings from below deck. He could see the oppression, taste the fear. This was not a good situation. But, at least, no one came for his precious cargo.

The storm got stronger. The constant crash of thunder was deafening. The waves got larger and more violent. Land was no-where in sight.

Late one night, who knows how many nights they'd been aboard the vessel, Jones and Kaylee heard a noise outside their small cabin on a lower level of the ship.

It sounded like whispering.

* * *

Steve Gorak

Selythin eyes the situation, and shakes his head. “This won’t work, they’re heading our way and they’re bound to see us” he says to the others on the boat. “Damn creatures”. As he says this he points at the troll, something resonates within him and he feels arcane energy course though his veins.

he doesn’t show that he doesn’t understand what just happened and says “Keep going, I’ll create a diversion”. He flies up. And goes to the opposite direction, effectively behind the two monsters so they don face the boat. Flying about 30 feet above the ground he says “comrades, where is the portal, I need to head there for the second phase

OOC: cast hex on the troll, disadvantage to wisdom checks.

selythin’s deception check= 24


Alan will take a shortbow in hand, his handling not expert by any stretch, but nonetheless it's not amateur by any means. He nocks an arrow, keeping it pointed at the floor of the boat as a safety precaution.


The boat bearing the confused travelers, the Dreaming Knight included, as well as the would-be royalty drifted its way north-ward toward the crumbling castle in the middle of the rushing river.

Before anyone could argue, prince Selythin took to the air, making a little semi-circle in the air and approaching the troll and ogre from above and behind-ish.

"Comrades, where is the portal? I need to head there for the second phase..."

The troll stared at the flying elf for a long, drunk moment. He hiccuped and replied. "Ugh..I figured we'd go south down river toward Mag Tureah. Those Fomorians can get a body anywhere. hic Just sometimes it ain't somewhere you PICKED."

He laughed and gave the eye-patch wearing ogre a shove.

"This way?" The ogre asked, pointing toward the river and in the direction of the approaching vessel.

They continued to stumble closer to the boat, seemingly still oblivious.

To the north, along the bank near the castle, Sirocco crouched behind some rocks.

The mezzoloth pushed his cart of ale slowly by whistling a tune the bariur had heard once or twice in Sigil. The bug-like fiend didn't give a single glance in his direction.

On the ramparts of the keep, the dark robed figure strode swiftly toward the door and disappeared inside the castle.

On the boat, Bradrick, Jim, and Bo armed themselves with javelins and a bow donated by Selythin.

The gathered group of various fey-folk continued chattering at one another excitedly. They actually got louder as the row-boat turned the bend and the ogre and troll came into full view.

Cousin Zenythin sighed loudly, attempting to steer the craft toward the opposite bank.

* * *

Steve Gorak

Thank you comrades, are you going there too?” Selythin adds, still flying, trying to keep diverting their attention from the boat.

OOC: concentrating on hex, Troll has disadvantage to wisdom checks

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